Varsuvious has returned!

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Varsuvious has returned!

Postby Lord Drakelord » Tue Jun 27, 2017 1:03 pm

Varsuvious has returned!
((Part One))

Ancient One: Greetings Mistress of Darkness and Death, of Light and Glory

Mesanna: Greetings

Ancient One: I wish to thank you first for all you have done and now

Ancient One: we beseech you and your minions to conjure the return of Varsuvious,

Ancient One: the legendary sea dragon, his skills as stable master are sorrily missed at the

Ancient One: Moonglow Mage tower (Trammel side) on Sonoma. 72' N 133'W

Ancient One: Thank you

Mesanna: the stable master?

Ancient One: yes

Ancient One: the sea dragon

Ancient One: stable master

Ancient One: he has vanished

Mesanna: send me an email with the info and I will replace it tomorrow

Ancient One: thank you!!!

((Part Two))

Varsuvious returns.jpg
Varsuvious returns1.jpg

Moonglow’s Governor Dezerai, while out and about, ran into the new EM Xanthus fixing a sign at the Luna Bank. Greetings were exchanged and Dezerai asked if he had visited the Sonoma Mage Tower yet? When he answered he had not she invited him to take a quick tour of the tower. It was while they were there that the Lady Mesanna arrived, all in her glory, flying it seemed as she skipped across the waters all around the tower before stopping at the location where Varsuvious had vanished. She stood there for a while, her soles of her boots just barely touching the waters at times, then the real miracles occurred, our legendary sea dragon Varsuvious was back!
Varsuvious returns2.jpg
Varsuvious returns3.jpg

To celebrate the moment Governor Dezerai asks that the Lady Mesanna place a puppy in her name under the bulletin board. With that done the Lady Mesanna said her goodbyes and vanished, returning to her world in the stars. We of Sonoma Thank you, M'lady, and can only wish you and all your people a safe and good holiday this coming fourth!
Varsuvious returns4.jpg

Note: I had the puppy in hopes of catching her today so that she could leave a little bit of herself here at our Mage Tower, she is now and forever a part of it. Again thank you [USER=284]@Mesanna[/USER]
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Re: Varsuvious has returned!

Postby Ciara » Tue Jun 27, 2017 1:52 pm

What a wonderful story. I'm so glad you captured this in screen shots. Thank you!
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