Sonoma’s Meet and Greet with EM Xanthus

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Sonoma’s Meet and Greet with EM Xanthus

Postby Lord Drakelord » Sat Jul 01, 2017 8:39 am

Sonoma’s Meet and Greet with EM Xanthus

Note: I have edited this as much as I dare and still have something left for all to read. If I missed your question/answer I am sorry. Second I am not a shard reporter so there will not be articles posted, now if one of you would love to do this feel free to fill out an application for shard reporter, I can show you where it is.

Hello EM Xanthus, we the citizens of the Sonoma Shard welcome you to what we all hope is a long stay for you, a second home for you, I am sure many of us would love to see you with a black robe some day.

Now this was a first, as EM Xanthus was early, never in any meeting with EMs have I ever seen one early, and he was a good 30 minutes early, chatting with the ladies and gents at the House of Common, (EM Hall). He met a tiger cub and a watchful guardian of said cub. Saw an undead horse, a female werewolf with her mate/guardian in tow. All the Governors with one exception, however I put that absent down as long distance log in problems. I am sure if he was able to be there he would have.

EM Xanthus: Looks like tomorrow is going to be a busy day for me. Will need to update the town cryer with the fishing event and the Arc event.
Cinderella: will the winner of the fishing contest get to pick August's fish?
EM Xanthus: I will consider that
*pets the tiger cub*
oh no!
that was quite the fright!

There was a moment of crisis when he ran out of cookies, thank the gods Queen Mum was there later as we know she always have cookies.

Dezerai: Question does the lantern glow with the more souls its traps or grow darker like it was when you first arrived?
EM Xanthus: The lanterns purpose is to power my robe its really an EM Battery
Dezerai: power the robe? hummm
Gianna Michaels: OOooo
EM Xanthus: The more souls I trap. The stronger I become.

At one point he went search for a “dirty llama”. All I can assume from that is someone stealth in as a Llama.

Dezerai: Mum we need to whisper to Miri once more for all of Yew sake
Now I think Mum did that as we saw cookies.
Miri: Yummy

EM Xanthus: Hello Sonoma and Welcome to the first Meet and Greet we will be having together with me as your new EM. A little back ground about me. I am not new. I am actually a returning EM. 2 years ago I started in the EM Program and was assigned to Origin. The reason I left was because of my education requiring more time than I could devote to anything else. That is no longer the case. I graduated a few months ago.

Dezerai: *claps*
Miri: Congratulations!
EM Xanthus: Thank you
Dezerai: how long were you an EM before sir?
EM Xanthus: about five months. So starting next month I will be hosting two events that will be part of an arc and this will be each month also I will be hosting a monthly Fishing contest. The contest starts on the 1st of each month and will end with a one hour event at the end of the month. I do plan on starting up the Governor’s Meetings on Sonoma and I want to start it next month but it may be towards the end of the month. I want to make sure that I provide you with the best experience with that event and I am not as experienced with that type of event as I would like to be. So I will do what is necessary

Kara: will you be holding a decor contest to decor the councillor’s hall by chance? Some of us submitted decor pictures to the old EM but ah, that didn't happen

EM Xanthus: I was told that the previous EM was doing the contest and I would like to continue it but I need to see if he has out lined a plan for it. I may have to do one from scratch and incorporate what has been done so far

Kara: should we send the pictures to you now? your email?

EM Xanthus: Sure. Please do So it took a little time but my email is now active Also I have started posting on the EM Sonoma Web site.
So you have that avenue for knowing what events are going on. Also I would like to host other events but not as frequent. I want to throw in something different from time to time. For instance in the future I will host pet battles and 1 time none arc events. And expect to see Meet and Greets scheduled every 2-3 months. I want these meet and greets to be an avenue for you guys to discuss with me. How the events are going and to give me your opinions. I do plan to integrate the Royal guard in with events whether it be during governor’s meetings. or something to do with events. I have to sit down and come up with some ideas.

A question was asked about the Governor’s meetings. Lets set the records straight these meetings are role play for all the citizens of the land, our Governors and the King. When in HRM role, the EM is required to maintain the role play of King Blackthorn, and (in the past) not allow real life questions and answers. Citizens can announce player events if they so desire to. All Citizens of the land may attend these meetings and once the floor is open to the general public they can ask their question or make their announcement.
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