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Trick or Treat!

PostPosted: Mon Oct 30, 2017 6:49 am
by Lord Drakelord
Trick or Treat!

Are you tired of getting just candy this Halloween? Not a GM at begging but would like to get something besides that piece of candy when you go Trick or Treat at the Luna bank? Well, there is a way to have that fun today and not be GM at the skill of begging.

Certain locations around this Halloween you will see "Trick or Treat me" stewards. The keyword will be "Trick or Treat". How can I find these locations? Well, Katana has made that easy for you by providing a rune books with the location of this "Trick or Treat me" stewards.

Location for the main event house is located In Luna Northside 2 houses west of the north gate. House is designed to look like west Brit bank. At this location, you will find both the first steward as well as the rune book to the other holiday stewards.
Trick or treat.jpg

Have fun Folks! Enjoy your Halloween, may it be a safe and enjoyable Halloween in your real life as well!