King of the Hill reminder - Friday night 6/22/18

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King of the Hill reminder - Friday night 6/22/18

Postby KDSonoma » Thu Jun 21, 2018 11:08 am

Just a last minute reminder for anyone that wants to show up for our King of the Hill event at the hill due east of Fel Delucia.

PAS will get there at 8pm cdt and will try top hold that hill vs anyone for an hour (the event lasts from 8-9 pm cdt).

No rules. Be prepared for the following:

res killing (yes this is part of the game)
stealth ninjas jumping out all over the place
dead bodies of Kings (me) strewn all over the place
laughs (mostly when I do something like flamestrike myself)
frustration (yep this is part of the game too)
pvp fun (after all, how many real pvp opportunities are there ingame on Sonoma these days?)

Remember there's a bank in town 3 screens away if you need to reload.

I hope to see folks show up to take part. If we get decent participation, we will schedule more events like this. So if you want pvp opportunities for fun, come Friday night and have some fun.

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