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PAS trivia Q & A

Postby KDSonoma » Sun Dec 21, 2008 8:04 am

Due to popular demand, I am posting my PAS trivia questions and answers here for everyone to see. Remember some of these questions are out of date (mostly game mechanic questions that changed over time), and I typically skip most or all of those when I ask PAS trivia ingame at our XMas party and our Anniversary party in April each year.


Question 1: Who was the first member of PAS?
Question 2: Who did KD meet at Hq1 that got scammed, and later became a PAS Elder?
Question 3: Who was the second member ever of PAS?
Question 4: What was the first PAS house ever placed?
Question 5: Who were the first two PAS Elders?
Question 6: Who were the first RL father-son PAS Elders?
Question 7: Who gave PAS their first large tower?
Question 8: Who placed the PAS keep and then sold it to PAS?
Question 9: Who killed KD's father in the KD story?
Question 10: What was the name of the King of Sonoma prior to KingDavid?
Question 11: What is the name of the PAS event where PAS split into two teams to fight each other?
Question 12: Who was the first RL female to have a PAS Elder?
Question 13: What town did the first King of the Hill Event start near?
Question 14: Who did KD kill in the biggest upset ever at Kill the King?
Question 15: What former PAS Elder is the namesake for the rule during the PAS promotion ceremony?
Question 16: What is the Chibi rule?
Question 17: Name the Territorial Marshall appointed by KD for Felucca.
Question 18: Who was the first Sonoma Ranger sworn in by Karena?
Question 19: Name all 3 PAS GMs, in reverse order of their leading PAS.
Question 20: Name the PAS event where we load up packies with 200k gold each time.
Question 21: Name the evil red mage that worked for KingVictor in the KD story who betrayed KingVictor?
Question 22: Name the reported evil group that PAS supported in year one of Sonoma, that was labeled criminals by Lord British and most of Sonoma?
Question 23: Who was PAS’ mortal enemy guild ingame in the first yr of Sonoma, both initials and name?
Question 24: Who fired the first spell at IAS as they tried to kill KD when IAS was born?
Question 25: Who did he fire that spell at?
Question 26: When PAS added another color temporarily as their official guild colors, which color was it?
Question 27: And when/why did they choose that color?
Question 28: What is the current name of the first ever PAS large tower?
Question 29: Name the PAS event where PAS all try to kill each other in a free for all pvp for an hr each Sunday night.
Question 30: What unique board exists in Nujelm, south of the inn and the bank?
Question 31: What are the char names of KD’s 2 RL daughters in Sonoma, including their titles?
Question 32: What is the name of the Queen of Sonoma?
Question 33: What group of PAS vote on promotions for PAS members each month?
Question 34: What alliance was PAS a founding member of in 1998 in Sonoma?
Question 35: Until 4 years ago, how did Sonoma travelers cross from felluca to trammel?
Question 36: What items allow UO players to increase their max skills above 100?
Question 37: Where can players get PS?
Question 38: Name the only dungeon in Malas. Ok what dungeon is in Malas?
Question 39: How many murder counts has KD taken in his 6 yrs of playing that character?
Question 40: Name KDs wimpiest murder victim and describe the circumstances of his death?
Question 41: What event did PAS do at PAS hq1 until the game rules changed and made it impractical to continue doing?
Question 42: In a very short lived quest for PAS, what famous PAS Elder played a char that was KD and Centu’s newborn baby that suddenly aged 20 yrs as he was kidnapped and recovered by PAS thru a red moongate?
Question 43: Name the character that wrote a manuscript of predictions about Sonoma (PAS runs a quest about it now)?
Question 44: Where did the name Auburn come from?
Question 45: What kind of beetles does PAS hunt in SE?
Question 46: In what town and facet does PAS do the MM event?
Question 47: What did Thrax call KD and his SA allies?
Question 48: What is the name of the PAS Malas house that originally held the PAS vendors?
Question 49: Name the two versions of bagball that PAS play at the Bagball Arena? a
Question 50: Whats does American bagball add that Euro bagball doesn’t have?
Question 51: Whats the name of the elf tree where quests can be found?
Question 52: According to the KD story, is Lord British a good guy or a bad guy?
Question 53: According to the KD story, is Lord Blackthorn a good guy or a bad guy?
Question 54: According to the KD story, what desert town did Blackthorn let the orcs destroy completely?
Question 55: According to the KD story, what dungeon was created to hold the orcs and red mages captured by PAS?
Question 56: According to the KD story, what final dungeon, only accessible thru a portal, did PAS have to destroy?
Question 57: According to the KD story, how did KD destroy the final portal?
Question 58: According to the KD story, what far away land did PAS and KD venture to in order to help them fight pks?


Answer 1: KingDavid placed the PAS stone in April 1998.
Answer 2: Orkk.
Answer 3: Ranma Saotome.
Answer 4: PAS hq1 (as it once was).
Answer 5: Blackstaff and DeGuy.
Answer 6: noah and Dash.
Answer 7: Zerena and Katrina (both of PAS).
Answer 8: Farquhar PAS.
Answer 9: The mad mages (red mages).
Answer 10: KingVictor of Sonoma.
Answer 11: Wargames
Answer 12: Lain
Answer 13: Delucia fel
Answer 14: Bigdady
Answer 15: Chibi-Trunks
Answer 16: Any PAS getting in the promo line without earning a promo that month gets killed by all PAS
Answer 17: Karena
Answer 18: Aristotle
Answer 19: KD, AJ, GW, KD
Answer 20: Gold Caravan
Answer 21: Dalcor
Answer 22: FOA (Followers of Armageddon)
Answer 23: SAS (Sinners against saints)
Answer 24: Bigdady
Answer 25: Travis
Answer 26: Red Sir William
Answer 27: For Christmas
Answer 28: PAS Wedding Tower
Answer 29: Magincia Madness
Answer 30: Chess Board
Answer 31: Princess Kelli and Princess Katie
Answer 32: Kyra
Answer 33: PAS Elders
Answer 34: Sonoma Alliance
Answer 35: Tram moonstone
Answer 36: Power scrolls
Answer 37: Fel Champ spawns
Answer 38: Doom
Answer 39: Two
Answer 40: Thrax of ZOG, died to 3 ebs while scurrying away at a PAS event
Answer 41: Skills night
Answer 42: Nash
Answer 43: Auburn
Answer 44: KD’s RL birthplace
Answer 45: Rune beetles
Answer 46: Magincia tram
Answer 47: Superfriends
Answer 48: Bagball
Answer 49: Euro and American Bagball
Answer 50: Pvp goalies
Answer 51: Heartwood
Answer 52: Bad guy
Answer 53: Bad guy
Answer 54: Xanadu
Answer 55: Wrong
Answer 56: Deadly
Answer 57: Glass Sword
Answer 58: Napa Valley


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