Details and tips for all PAS events ...

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Details and tips for all PAS events ...

Postby KDSonoma » Mon Dec 22, 2008 10:11 am

12-15-13; Updated info on Elder and Guild meetings ~ Chalnoth

OK I know I will miss some, so I will add things to this as people remind me:

PAS Event Details and Tips

Tips for all PAS events:

1.Try to be on time if at all possible. In most events, we can gate people to us if they run late, but on some events this is not possible.
2.If you are a spellweaver, please try to get to the event a few minutes early if you need a focus. We meet at PAC for that focus, so make sure to get a rune to PAC if you don't have one.
3.Try to download and use ventrilo if possible. This free voice program really REALLY helps at event time, because it makes communicating so much easier. If you are not in ventrilo, and everyone seems to run in a certain direction, then try to follow the others.
4.Please be sure to have enough gold to cover insurance before we get started on any event. If you run short, ask for some, we have plenty of gold and most Elders are willing to give gold to any PAS that needs it for insurance.
5.Please check your resources before we start an event. If you are an archer, make sure you have enough bolts, arrows, etc. Make sure you have bandages if you are a tamer or heal with bandages. Make sure to separate your bandages, arrows, etc into several stacks before an event. If you get looted by a monster, and only have one stack of bandages, they will loot everything. Make it more difficult for those liches etc and have several piles.

Bedlam Peerless

If you need the quest to get into bedlam dungeon (pixie legs, unicorn ribs, etc), ask Tarie or an Elder ahead of time and they will walk you thru the quest and provide you with the items you need.

Bedlam dungeon is in umbra, and you use the sarcoffagus in a building there to drop down to the dungeon. In order to head back out of the dungeon, note the wall where u land when dropping down. There is a large gate looking object, and you run south into it in order to teleport back up and out. If you die, please go back up and res from the healers near the sarcoffagus. This saves mana for others and protects you from being res killed.

The goal in bedlam is to farm “Disintegrating thesis notes”. They look like scrolls but say Disintegrating thesis note on them. We need 5 of them to do the peerless boss. Once we get 5, everyone bails back out and Tarie or another Elder does the mini quest with the thesis notes to get the keys.

The named mini champs will drop the thesis notes. Other small monster spawn, and red death, will not drop any notes. We try to control the area near the entrance during this event. If we go back too far, we trigger red death and other monsters on us and sometimes that can be a big challenge. We try to always keep a few Energy vortexes up so that any mini champs that spawn will aggro on the EV's and not on us.

If you are targeted by a mini champ, run around the group and someone will invis you, or run back thru the gate upstairs to lose them.

When we head into the peerless, we enter a small library looking building. The champ is upstairs, and we want to keep him there to fight him. If he gets down the stairs, it makes it very difficult for pets and others to target him. Be aware that he throws acid on the ground around him every so often. This will kill people pretty quickly. Tamers will not be able to vet their pets due to this and melee folks will have a hard time as well. Energy vortexes and earth elementals work well on this champ, and its imperative that we get at least 2 pets (cu sidhe or greater dragons work well) on the champ.

Make sure to grab the pet bars so we can all help heal the pets. If they go down this champ takes forever to finish. Note also that every so often the champ plays music that slows down the casting of spells, etc. So be patient when that happens and just go slower on your casting.

When the champ dies, everyone needs to move back away from the body. The Elders running the event will select looters for each party in advance. They will loot the unique items from the body, and then call for open looting after they get those items. No items are saved for the guild, everything is available to anyone that participated in the peerless or helped farm the keys.

That is done thru rolling dice at PAC roof. Elders will handle this roll, and highest rolls get first picks on the items.

We do not share any other gold or items, so feel free to loot anything during the thesis note farming for yourself. Note that some named armor items can drop in this dungeon, so be sure to check everything on the mini champs.

Brit/Yew gate pvp

We gate as a group to Britain or Yew gate to pvp against reds. We try to bring several dismounters with us to this event, as that is the best way to kill a red player. If you do not have the ability to dismount with your character, ask for a bola when we prep for this event. Everyone can use a bola to dismount other players.

We will call targets in ventrilo, and then wait until the dismounters have dropped them from their mounts. Then everyone attacks that target until they are dead.

We do NOT attack any grey chars there unless called for by the Elder leading the event. Noto pks love to flag grey in order to get you to attack them. That starts a timer during which they can attack you and not take a count. Typically, the noto pk gets attacked, runs off and hides until he is no longer grey to everyone (just to you), and then returns to attack you before his battle timer runs out. In this scenario, we can heal you etc but if we attack the noto pk then we flag grey to everyone, which beings to create a very bad situation.

Be aware that there is a guard zone around the gate in which we can call guards if attacked. We try not to guard kill others since that is looked on as a “cheap” way to pvp (even though our enemies will use that tactic on us). If you flag grey, run off and hide until the grey goes away. If we kill a red, make sure that the people that hit them loot everything from their bodies. That makes them leave to reload, and keeps an enemy out of action for a little time.

If you open the body and receive a message that says you might flag as a criminal, do not loot anything, because this means you did not get a shot in on them, and if you loot an item you will go grey.

When we finish the event we will gate or recall out at the same time for safety purposes.

Capture the Flag

This event takes place in various locations. Tarie splits PAS into two teams, who try to pick up an item at the other teams base (a cloak or other item), and return it to their base to win that round. Its all respectful pvp and we expect good sportsmanship at all times.

Destard Wyrm Hunt

This event takes place in level 2 and 3 of Destard Dungeon in tram. We farm leather for PAC, and we farm gold that is then split at the end of the event.

Elders Meeting

This is a Bi-monthly meeting (alternated with the Guild Meeting) where the PAS Elders discuss promotions and possible virtue medals for PAS members. The meeting is normally scheduled for the Second Wednesday. This event takes place entirely in ventrilo, and the Elders can also discuss other things related to PAS. The GM provides the Elders with a starting list of recommended promotions (normally active players from the previous month) and medals for the month, and the Elders accept, add, change that list until they agree via a consensus. This meeting is restricted to the GM, Royal Guards and the PAS Elders.

Fan Dancer Dojo hunt

This event takes place at the lower levels of the Fan Dancer Dojo in Tokuno. PAS farms gold that will be split at the end of the event. Typical monsters that we fight are fan dancers and daemons.

Fel Champ Spawn

This event takes place at one of the champ spawn locations in felucca. One PAS will protect the others, which gives us additional power scrolls as rewards. The protector cannot attack the champ when it is summoned, or else we lose the bonus PS's. If we have sufficient numbers, we break into a pvm and a pvp team. The pvm team works the spawn up, while the pvp team is placed in position to intercept any raiders that might show up to try to attack us. PAS will discuss which direction we fall back from the altar when the spawn “bumps” to the next level. We then fall back, regroup, and push back to the original fighting zone. This allows us to avoid being overrun by spawn during those bumps. We also discuss where we will fight the raiders in the event of a raid by other players and guilds. We do not split any gold, but any power scrolls that we get are rolled for at PAC after we finish the spawn(s).

Fire & Ice Hunt

This event takes place in Ice Dungeon tram and Daemon temple tram. The Ice Dungeon is one large level with lots of spawn, and daemon temple involves holding one medium sized area against daemons, dragons, drakes. We farm leather for PAC, and farm gold that we split at the end of the event.

Fishing Frenzy

We bring as many of our fishers as we can to this event, and sail slowly from Nujelm docks tram, trying to fish up nets and other goodies. We then spend some time dropping the nets and fighting those monsters, and if we have any white nets, we throw those and fight the kracken and that spawn. Any items rolled for at PAC at the end of this event. Those not bringing fishers are encouraged to bring ranged fighters (archers, mages) to help fight the monster spawn.


This event takes place in Dungeon Doom. We party and bring gold skulls to get us from the Doom beach across to gauntlet, a series of rooms with mini champs in them. We ring the bell, and hand the npc a gold skull and that allows one party of PAS to cross to gauntlet. The exit from gauntlet is at the beach where we land (black gate). Since we cannot recall or gate from gauntlet, we use that gate to leave, then recall to NJ on the other side.

Entrance to the 5 rooms are by white teleporters outside the rooms. Once anyone enters a room, they cannot leave until the room is cleared of spawn. The first room is due east of the huge middle area in gauntlet that is south of the beach past a long hallway. The rooms then activate in a counter clockwise manner. As we clear one room, the next one activates, etc. once we beat the 5th room, then Dark Fathers (Champs) spawn in the middle of the large area.

Our strategy is to lure one mini champ or DF to the rest of PAS, and then we fight and kill it, using pets first. Anyone in gauntlet that hits a mini champ or champ has a chance of getting an artifact in their backpack when the mini champ or champ dies. We do not roll for these items at the end of the event. So you keep any artis you get.

There are also 2 special rooms in gauntlet. A 6th room has a healer in it that charges 20k gold for a res. Obviously we help our members by ressing them in the rooms etc so they dont need to oay for ressing. The other room is located about 2-3 screens south of the beach in the long hallway, on the east side. Its an invisible (almost) small hallway that leads to a room with one npc vendor in it. You can buy some limited items, but at very high costs. Many players bring a char in this room to log out, leaving them in gauntlet for long periods of time to farm artifacts.

Gold Caravan

This event happens in felucca. We advertise in advance that PAS is hauling 200k or more gold on packies from one fel town to another. We stay on the roads, and we even flag grey if we dont get attacked to help start the fighting. The roleplay goal is to get the gold thru to the destination, but the real goal is to provide a reason for reds to attack us in fel during a unique event. We ask as many PAS to bring a pack horse or llama as possible. Tarie provides the gold for the packies.

Gold Skull farming

This event happens in the Bone Daemon room in Dungeon Doom. For every 1,000 red bones that we drop on an npc there, it summons one Bone Daemon. Once we kill it, the person dropping the bones opens the body of the Bone Daemon and they get one gold skull in their backpack. We typically have 2 PAS dropping and collecting red bones at a time on the npc (we still only fight one Bone Daemon, but both players get a gold skull). The gold skulls go to PAS or PAC to replenish their stock. We use the gold skulls to get PAS into gauntlet. There are other Dungeon Doom spawn in this area, which complicates this event slightly. Tarie hands out gold shares for everyone that helps in this event at the end.

Guild Meeting

This event takes place at the PAS Crafter House and in Vent. We meet to discuss PAS events and anything else a PAS member wants to bring up. PAS members can request that we do more of a certain event the next month, or less, or propose new events. GM or the Calendar Manager then takes these recommendations in mind when setting the next months events.

Ilsh Double Balron Hunt

This event happens in a dungeon that is southwest from Ilshenar Valor Shrine, then across a bridge and southeast along the river to the dungeon entrance. It is the most difficult event to get to, because it involves moving PAS through 3-4 levels of spawn to the last room on the lowest level. We typically lose a few PAS along the way, which gives us an opportunity to practice 911 calls in tight areas with major spawn. Once we get to this room, 2 balrons, and two other monsters spawn. Sometimes we get paragons, since this is in Ilshenar, and that makes it even more fun. We split the gold that we farm at the end of the event.

Ilsh Paragon Balron Hunt

This event takes place in Ilshenar Blood Dungeon. This dungeon is far east along the mountains from the Ilshenar Spirituality shrine. We go to the middle room in the massive dungeon, where one balron spawns. If we have too much firepower, we send team(s) to farm the blood elementals and succubus in other areas of the dungeon. We split any gold farmed at the end of this event.

Ilshenar CS

This event happens at one of the 3 Ilshenar Champ Spawns. What makes these unique is the high number of paragons that spawn while we work the spawn up to the champ. PAS members keep any items that pop into their pack during this spawn, and we split any gold at the end of the event.

King of the Hill

This event takes place on the hill due east of Delucia fel. PAS tries to hold that hill against any and all other guilds in a pvp action event. There are no rules, so this event can sometimes get wild, especially if more than 2 guilds field decent sized forces. Healers in Delucia can res folks, and there is a bank in town to re-equip if needed.

King's Challenge 1 – Labyrynth Dungeon

Labyrynth is one of the ML dungeons, and this one is a crazy event to take part in. PAS has to wind their way all the way thru the Minotaurs and other monsters to the last area. There we battle spawn until the champ comes up, a huge minotaur. We usually lose a lot of people in this event as we go, so just be patient, as we always win the event in the end.

King's Challenge 2 – Bedlam Champ Spawn

This Champ Spawn is located under the bedlam dungeon and is one of the most challenging areas to fight in UO. The entrance to the CS is thru the building in the cemetary inside Bedlam. Once down there, it is tight quarters for everyone. The spawn isnt too bad at first, but once it bumps, things change quickly. When we get the plague beast lords spawning, remember to throw lots of paralyze fields. This freezes them so we can use a knife to kill them.

Remember too that your armor will take massive damage from the acid from some of the spawn. So try to repair your armor to its highest before heading to this event. Our goal is to control the western hallway at the entrance, and to push farther in when we can. The champ is very nasty, and it usually takes us awhile to beat down the other spawn before we can take that champ on.

We do not share any gold or items from this event, so grab any loot you can along the way.

KR Client Walkthru

Tarie or another Elder will walk players through the basics of the Kingdom Reborn client ingame and on vent. He will show people how to set up the insta-dress macro, how to use the map features, set up macros, etc. If you want to try this client, make sure to leave a few hours of time available for the download and patches (if you don't already have it installed).

Magincia madness

This event used to take place in Magincia tram, and might move back there some day. But for now, we use Minoc tram for this event. Its one hour of PAS vs PAS pvp for fun. There is no teaming up, but ganks are allowed. In other words, I cant walk around helping another PAS take out others. It is allowable for 6 PAS to gank one PAS, as long as those 6 then turn on each other once that person dies. Any PAS in a death robe is not a target. The south bank wall and inside the bank are time out areas, but you cant start a fight and then run there for protection. Finish the fight, then go there.

If you die, then head to the healers about 3 screens southeast of the bank and res, keeping your death robe on. Then when you are ready to fight again, drop the death robe and start fighting.

Sometimes we allow pets to be used, sometimes we do not.

Music Box Gear hunt

This event takes place at the 4 story buildings due SW of the savage town in Ilshenar, south thru a cave from the Spirituality shrine.

Our goal is to farm music box gears. They look like a regular gear, but have names on them for the songs they will play in the music box thats available as a reward ingame.

We try to control the southmost portion of that facility, where more golems spawn than in the other areas. We roll dice for all music box gears at PAC at the end of the event. We do not split any gold, so grab any other loot you want during this event.

Non Bedlam Peerless

This event can take place in any of the ML dungeons other than bedlam. It all depends on how many keys PAS members have farmed in advance of this event and what kind of keys. If none were farmed, then we choose a dungeon and start farming the keys.

If we do the citadel peerless, please dont bring a char with dischord, Peacemaking, or Provocation, because the changling takes our skills when they turn into us, and its possible that a tamer could lose their pet if they were dischorded and lost enough taming etc.

If we go to melisandre, please stay on the east part of that branch when we get inside. One PAS will lure the satyrs over so we can take them out before we fight the champ.

If we do a Dread Horn Peerless, and you have not done this before, you will have to complete the Dread Horn quest from Lore keeper Calendor, who is located in elfin City of Heartwood. See Tarie or one of the other Elders for help in getting the quest.

When the champ dies, everyone needs to move back away from the body. The Elders running the event will select looters for each party in advance. They will loot the unique items from the body, and then call for open looting after they get those items. No items are saved for the guild, everything is available to anyone that participated in the peerless or helped farm the keys. Return to the Crafter House for the roll for the loot.

PAS Auction

PAS will hold public and private auctions from time to time, held at Karns Auction house in SW Luna. Winning bidders will buy a book on the auction npc vendor on the first floor that has their name on it. The book will be priced at their winning bid. The winning bidder then hands the book to a PAS Elder that is assisting the auction, and the Elder will hand the winning bidder the item. Bids are to be in 5k gold increments during the auction.

PAS Social

Queen Mum helps lead this event that takes place at Karns Auction house in SW Luna. See the calendar for details on what games etc will be held during that month's social. The goal is to provide an event where people can play some fun games and get to know other guildmates.

Promotion Ceremony

This event is held the Monday after the Bi-monthly Elders meeting at NJ Palace fel to honor those PAS that earned a promotion that month. It is a short ceremony, where those that earned promotions or medals line up and one by one they come to the GM to get congratulated for their efforts. Cheering is encouraged.

Red Bone farming

This event takes place in the black liche room in NW doom dungeon. The liches carry 30 red bones, so we are able to farm red bones very quickly there. The room works like the gauntlet .. once the liches spawn, the room is locked until we kill the last liche. We normally have one PAS with a beetle to ferry the bones to the bank. Every 1,000 red bones can be turned in on the gold skull event to earn a gold skull for PAS to use for future gauntlet trips.

The trick in getting into this room is that a random number of people will get teleported to another area in doom dungeon upon trying to enter the room. So we have one PAS waiting at that other location as PAS enter the liche room. Anyone that gets teleported is then gated back to try again. Once everyone is in then that person joins the others in the room.

The more people and pets and summoned creatures, the more liches spawn. So this gets very wild at times. We try to throw EV's to the middle where they spawn and then try to have as many area effect spells and weps to help take them all out as fast as possible. We do not split any gold at the end, but Tarie hands out gold shares for everyone that helps in this event at the end.

Resource Gathering for PAC

PAS will head to PAS hq1 in fel, or other locations to take advantage of double resources and will farm resources for PAC. We encourage some PAS to bring their pvp chars in order to guard the crafters from any reds that might try to attack us.

Shard Gauntlet

This event is where PAS takes any citizens to gauntlet with us at no charge. We try to protect those players and give them as many opportunities to get artifacts as possible by focusing on healing, curing, ressing them etc. See Gauntlet for tips etc on this event.

Shard treasure Map Event

We do other non PAS citizen's level 6 treasure maps for them. Map owner gets all the loot. See treasure hunts for more details on this event.

Spellweaver Quest Walkthru

We walk alliance members thru the ingame quest to start a spellweaver. PAS provides all of the items and helps protect the alliance member as they try to complete the tasks to get them the spellweaver book. We then will try to fill those books with as many spellweaving scrolls as possible from those stashed at PAC.

Suit Building Event

We do this event at PAS Armory, a building designated to helping us build lrc, luck, resist, regen etc suits of armor for PAS and Alliance members. The Armory has armor and other items like full spellbooks, powders of fortifying, etc available to help us upgrade people's armor to the next level.

Tamer Event

This event is where we go out and tame pets for Alliance members that can control them. So if you need a fire beetle, a greater dragon, a blue pack beetle, or anything else as a pet, this is the time to come and make those requests. We will not be able to get specific colors on most pets as that might take incredible amounts of time. This event is designed to get pets for people, but not necessarily pets with the max skills etc.

Tokuno CS

This event takes place at the Champ Spawn in Tokuno. We spread out to fight the spawn for the first level, as its spread out and needs to be killed as fast as possible to get the spawn moving. Then when revenant lions and lesser hiryus spawn, we fall back to the clearing area north of the Altar and lure monsters to us. We throw lots of fields, and poison fields work well on onis and hiryus at the highest level.

The champ looks like a huge Jabba the Hut slug, and he throws area poison thats nasty. We recommend throwing archcure to get rid of the poison. Try to stay near other PAS when poisoned, because archcure is an area effect, and throwing it on someone in the group will have a chance to cure each of them. We split the gold at the end of this event, and PAS are encouraged to loot anything else along the way for themselves.

Treasure Hunting

We take our treasure hunters out to complete level 6 tmaps for Alliance members. Map owners get all the loot, unless they choose to let others loot things. Anyone can loot the gold etc from the spawn we kill as we complete the t hunt. The way we work this is the treasure hunter will gate everyone to a tmap house with the runes. They will then gate everyone to the map location. The other members of the party will go 2-3 screens north, and the treasure hunter will dig the chest, hide themselves, then attack 1-2 monsters and run north to the group. We take out those monsters, then head to the treasure spot to take out the other spawn.

Remember its not polite to leave items on the ground at these sites, so bring bags that u can throw on the ground to hold all the “crap” items from the chest that you do not want to keep. Remember too not to go too fast, as every item you take from a chest gives a chance of a monster spawning. So when we have spawn up, stop looting, then when we kill it, start looting again. We do not split any gold at this event, we go for the fun of helping beat the big monsters.


We do this event at various locations. Tarie splits PAS into two or more teams, and then has tasks for them to achieve that involve them fighting the other teams. Its all respectful pvp, and good sportsmanship is not only appreciated, its expected of everyone. Tarie will then change players between teams to mix things up after each round of combat. Please remember to keep your items insured, and if you need insurance gold, please ask before we get started, and PAS will provide you with some.
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*bumps into this thread*

This is a good resource for many of the events we do. Hopefully we can post more information on the newer events we have added since this older thread here on this thread.

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