Coming back to UO / PAS questions

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Coming back to UO / PAS questions

Postby kdubuisson » Sat Dec 02, 2017 3:56 pm

Greetings All,

My name is KaDi (who sometimes goes by Dilligaf and a few other names) and I'm coming back to UO and PAS. I have a couple of quick questions that I'd love to have help with:

1) Why do we meet in Fel for events ... being a noob again (I've not played in years) I'm worried about thieves and getting PvP jumped and dying losing my gear? Just wondering (yeah, I'm a chicken Trammie).

2) Are tools like UOAssist and UO AutoMap still around and working? Any other tools you recommend that you use and help with gameplay?

3) Are there any good vendor/shopping locations? Last time I played the few vendors I saw were not maintained and had a bunch of junk and wasted my time.

4) Where is a good place to run into guildies who can invite me back to the group? I'll usually be on nights (7-11p CDT) and weekends.

5) Is Vent active?

Thanks for taking the time to view this. Blue skies and calm waters,

P.S. My house is two lots southeast from guild crafts house (one house in between mine and guild's; sign say's KaDi's Home)...stop by anytime :)
Blue skies and calm waters!
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Re: Coming back to UO / PAS questions

Postby KDSonoma » Sat Dec 02, 2017 4:40 pm

1. We have always met at Nujelm fel, that was chosen at first by me when I founded the guild because we roleplayed that the Palace in NJ was KDs palace (much nicer than the stinky old castles that belonged to the other pretend rulers of Sonoma (British and Blackthorn). When bad guys began to target us they threatened to kill PAS in NJ but I've never heard or seen any PAS ever attacked there in 20 yrs. If someone attacks you there, a guard will most likely insta-kill them immediately. If you get attacked, just have a macro for "guards" and say that, and they should die immediately. Dont worry about losing your gear. Just make sure you have enough gold in your bank to cover your insured items, and insure everything you want to keep. See UO wiki for "insurance" for more info or ask us in vent or ingame. If you run short of gold, we can help. You cant insure some things like arrows, bandages, etc, but those are easily replaced.

2. Some like the old school client (classic), and I believe UOAssist still works, but for me personally, the enhanced client rocks because it did everything UOAssist did, and more. For example, insta-dress is amazing. UOAssist used to put on a gear item every few seconds to dress when you hit that macro, but the enhanced client dress macros put everything on in less than a second. Amazing, you can change gear to different sets within a second each time. After ressing, boom, all geared up in one second. plus you can find healers on the map with the enhanced client after you die (unless something has changed recently). Drakelord and others can tell yuou about UOAutomap (the enhanced client has that same feature built in).

3. Vendors are almost gone from the big shopping places like Luna, but the good news is theres an ingame vendor search that is AWESOME (I was out the last 2 yrs and just returned and I love that feature). Even so, there are much fewer items for sale on Sonoma than I remembered even 2 yrs ago. Ask us in forums if you need to find things or need someone to craft some weapons or gear for you (Drakelord and others can address that too).

4. Probably the best time and place to find PAS is NJ fel bank at 8pm cdt. Once we get you guilded, you can use guild chat ingame to hook up with others to hunt etc. I also just added you to the PAS list here so you can find the PAS ventrilo connection info under Hidden Tavern is private forums (its near the top of that forum).

5. I've been away for 2 years, but vent seems to be fairly active to me. I am hoping to get back ingame more starting tonight (Sat), so hopefully I'll see and hear you there.

Ah cool your house is near Crafters, that's great. We meet there often.

Cya ingame KaDi!

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Re: Coming back to UO / PAS questions

Postby Lord Drakelord » Sat Dec 02, 2017 9:48 pm

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