OK PAS and others, heres the new rules for posting here ....

Talk about anything that's clean.

OK PAS and others, heres the new rules for posting here ....

Postby KDSonoma » Wed Feb 07, 2007 6:49 pm

No more trash talking .....

no more trolling to bait people into replying ....

no more ugly talk from folks ... we are all here to have fun and lately some have forgotten that ....

lets bury the hatchets on old fueds ... and not in peoples backs! *grins*

lets keep things on a more positive note ....

I went back, and counted over 500 threads, and 14 of them had at least one nasty thing said about someone else. Thats not many, but a lot of people have gotten the feeling that "every post lately is drama".

So .... *puts on his crown* ... Im gonna have to police this board much more aggressively now.

I will delete troll posts, and warn the person that posts it ... I will delete ugly things said against others ... unless its about zogs (within reason still) or other lamers ... those things are still ok, just make sure its tied to past or current crimes against innocents etc.

No slapping of other guildmates, no slapping of former PAS that still come here to read and sometimes post.

Got a complaint about someone? Take it to icq, or ingame .... if its a guildmate then u might need to talk to me, because my philosophy is u cant harass a guildmate, u HAVE to respect them for being PAS .... but u dont have to love them. Just be respectful.

If people are intent on continuing to post things that violate the above, I will warn them (maybe only once), and then Ill demote them (if they are PAS, and that includes Elders), or boot them, or just ban them from the forums. I also reserve the right to ban any non or ex PAS coming here and posting anything inappropriate.

If u arent sure whether somethings inappropriate or not, icq me or talk to me in vent.


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