I've sunk so low... let's get organized!

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I've sunk so low... let's get organized!

Postby Kiera » Tue Jun 19, 2007 4:48 am

I know it's all in the layout plan one has in mind, one's druthers, available square footage, available storage, etc., but (there's always a but) what are you folks most proud of in organizing your house, Keep, Castle, humble abode?

Over two years ago at a UO Town Hall Meeting I proposed what I longed for, naming storage containers! I heard a chorus of approval from fellow gamers. Well, in conjunction with this, or without using it, how have you folks organized your resources, weapons, armor, decorations, deeds, containers, contracts, nicer goodies including rares and semi-rares? Please give examples, details, of how you have organized things that you feel others might find clever, interesting, or useful. Also, for your fancier items do you favor letting others see them or displaying privately inside your home (just curious - and I know this will vary based on personal preference).

For example, do you favor storing weapons in separate containers by type (such as Swords separate from Fencing separate from Macing) or by class of monster (all Ogre Slayers separate from Dragon Slayers separate from Daemon Slayers, etc.), or effects (by max intensity-SDI separate from HCI separate from Leechs, etc.), or Slayers separate from non-slayer weaps, etc.

Many may find this interesting, stimulating, and spur some of us to organize our clutter so we can quickly outfit our chars upon short notice for a big hunt. Many may find they can reclaim storage by consolidating items and tossing items that years ago seemed good before the high intensity stuff became much more common. Some will be bored to tears, and I was once one of those whenever I heard "I can't hunt right now I'm busy organizing my house." But after my own recent housing upgrade and after hearing several people in Alliance Chat say they were organizing their stuff I felt this might be a timely topic, after all it is time for Spring Cleaning!

So give us your best ideas! Describe your clever or highly useful organization! Maybe show a cropped picture that demonstrates what you think others may find useful to follow. Let the organization ideas flow!!!
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Postby ArSaints » Tue Jun 19, 2007 6:26 am

Granted I have nothing very good but i keep it all organized... I have seperate bags/boxes for type of wep / armor I keep all slayer seperate... Ill take ss if ya want.. I LD stuff like arrows BA ingots so all i gotta do is drop it .... Scrolls and spell books i keep all organized and in sep bags for necr/reg etc when i get too many scrolls (more of 2 each ) i general buy /use a new book... Tmaps and gems /potions /regs etc Im a weirdo ;)

I put a sample item next to each bag/box so all i have to do is drop the loot in its right place instead of looking.

I pick up ALOT of useful stuff at banks another mans garbage is another womans treasure... ;) Yesterday i got a really nice blood elem bow with 40%+ stats on it AND its ArS blue @!!!!

Kalar told me a "formula" of keeping stuff once i cleared my tower of stuff lower i had 3 empty boxes and 300 items to smelt and still have 2 boxes of leather to unravel ;) Told ya im a packrat =P

*humbly bow*
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Postby Big Bertha » Tue Jun 19, 2007 8:00 am

If you want to see an origanized home ; You must see Big Bertha's "HELLS DRAGON" . It is located in Malas with a Big "I'M LOST" on the roof. I know what I have Where it is and how many of each I have. Stay for dinner , Have a drink, Look to your Hearts Content. Everyone is welcome. :wink:
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Postby Eleanor Rigby » Tue Jun 19, 2007 8:49 am

I think I'm pretty organized, although if I get really busy with r/l I have a tendency to dump stuff in an extra chest.

My chars all have their own chests eg Meredyth's fishing, Ceiligh's archery, where I keep things specific to their characters ie bless deeds, named clothing etc. I have individual chests for armour, weapons, and jewelry (which is my organizational downfall!) I color code some of the bags to help me locate weapons/armour faster, ie poison in a green bag etc.

Other stuff goes into specific rooms ie cooking in the kitchen, mage items in the mage shop. Anything to be smelted/recycled has it's own barrel.

I display the rare items where I can and my house is public.

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Postby wild flower » Tue Jun 19, 2007 12:17 pm

I love to organize everything and have done so for a couple people and my biggest suggestion is to make it functional for you. If it's something you are not willing to keep up then pick a different strategy of organinzing.

I also suggest having a dump chests that you can just throw things in when your in a hurry to go with some folks but you have some things you don't want to loose, just in case, and is valuable or maybe they are simply to heavy. Then be sure to clean that chest out everyone once in a while.

I agree with Elenor in I have a room or spot for each thing. Examples: regs, spellbooks, scrolls = mage room // cloth, leather, dye tubs, etc. = tailor room // ingots, shovels, etc... = blacksmith room.

I try to display as many rares as I can in the deco of my house so people can see them but that can clutter up a place real fast if your like me and a packrat. So the stuff that I don't or can't display I keep organized in what I like to call my deco and collection boxes. I have a stack of boxes in my house that holds nothing but deco things and I organize them best I can.

Collections can be space consuming so make sure that you stack what you can and be certain how many of things your willing to deal with. For example: some people collected the named pumpkins from halloween. Now this is cool, don't get me wrong, but there were over 300 names and four different styles (orange - large and small and the black - large and small). Other common big item collections would be the bells and snowglobes. What I'm saying is in those cases I would only keep one of each name and I would watch for doubles carefully. These big collections I wouldn't display in my house but maybe put in a locked down chest somewhere and show off individually.

I'm a big fan of the labelers too for the bags, boxes, and chests. If you need any give me a hollor and I can wipe you up some real quick.

Once your all done be sure to give us all a grand tour and maybe you will inspire some ideas in us all.

Take care and happy organizing
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Postby Damien Kilcannon » Tue Jun 19, 2007 1:16 pm

I tried the whole "name the boxes and bags" thing and while I think it is awesome for some people it didn't work very well for me...So I redesigned my house and made a room for every basic template...I have my warrior's room with a couple chests for armor, weapons and ammunition. Then I have the magic user's room with chests for armor, regs and the spellbooks for the various styles of magic ie. magery, necromancy etc. And I have two rooms for my crafters. One on the main floor is for my smith/carpenter/bowyer/tinker and the other is on the second floor for my tailor. Oh and the supplies for inscription are in the mages room so I don't have to have regs and scrolls in multiple places. And then there is my pride and joy. I have a special room just for my t-hunter. I have the full set of rune books and all of my maps (I only do level 6) seperated by whether or not they are in a location with alot of spawn or no spawn and of course I have a chest for all of the arties I get from those maps.
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Postby Tracy » Thu Jun 21, 2007 3:31 pm

I tend to drop stuff off in a spare bag, box, crate, paragon chest, basket, or whatever container I can find with the intention of sorting it later. Actually going back to sort it, though, only happens every couple years or so.

The last two houses I moved in to I just dropped the stuff, secured the containers and left them as is...

Over time I sorta figured out where I put certain items, but I do need to organize my stuff sometime soon.
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