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Template q

Postby Zoombi » Tue Dec 04, 2007 11:48 am

Hey all,

Wondering what ye think I should dop with my two main characters. They are still a bit old school.

Slade Dalziel-
Magery - almost 110 cap
Eval - 110 capped
Inscribe - GM
Wrestle - GM 115 cap
Resist - GM 115 cap
Med - GM 110 cap
Hide - GM

Valrik Dalziel -
Archery 110 capped
Tactics GM 110 cap
Anat GM
Heal GM 115 cap
Resist 100 110 cap
Chiv 80ish atm
Hide 100

I've got near GM poisoning on my mule Zoombi I've been considering tossing on Slade but I like Hiding on him. Currently working towards getting equipment for Slade. Once he's set up decently I'll start working on Valrik and try and gear him towards pvp. May convert my third guy to a Factions character. He's Zakath Arabani

Fence - 115 cap
rest is kinda crappy

Also, have
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Postby DevilSpawn » Tue Dec 04, 2007 3:47 pm

Go look at my "Max dmg pve archer" post in the hidden tavern for an archer template.

For your mage, it's up to you.

Wrestling makes your suit a lot easier to set up if you decide to keep it. If I was trying to gear a mage and I didn't have any leet arties or nice pieces, I'd definitely make him wrestle... I like inscription too... 10% spell dmg increase over the cap of 15 for items. It helps a little...

Necro mage template is pretty good too, but it's harder to gear for because you can't use a scrappers(or some other book)/shield for extra stats...

I use wrestling on my necro mage... I have +skill on my scrappers and ring though that kind of make up for the loss... Final template is...

120 magery
120 eval
120 SS
100 resist
105 necro
120 wrestling
35 meditation .. the med should be made up for by my uber suit thatll have +skill on a ring, bracelet, talisman, and scrappers or tome of lost knowledge... and i don't have any 120s yet, so i have the left over points in meditation.

I think it's more effective in field pvp than a normal necro mage because I can't be disarmed and it was easy for me to gear to max DCI. Probably worse than a normal necro mage at taking or holding a harrower though.

I'm sure there are some other good templates out there, but those are the ones I seriously considered for mage... nox mage would be fun too, but harder to gear too.
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