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Postby AshOfCaine » Mon Dec 31, 2007 11:45 pm

Finally got a chance to try wraith form on my mage/spellweaver in a travesty. I had 70 spirit speak and during normal attacks wasn't doing enough damage to really leech any mana back. But when the WoDs came out, full mana constantly! I loved it. Once got to doing WoD my mana stayed at 100% never dropped one single point.

Also, been getting my pally out there in wraith with the holy light and it is working great. I decided to drop the spellweaving off the pally and put healing on. He still doesn't have any anatomy so have to rely on chivalry or potions to cure poisons, but I just couldn't live without bandages to heal. If I didn't love bushido so much would drop it for anatomy. I may end up dumping it and going back to parry with shield and cure with bandages, but honor/perfection and lightning strike are nice. If i build a suit with 45% DCI and 45% HCI i will give up bushido, but right now my suit is either DCI or HCI, so I go DCI and use lightning strike for 50% HCI.
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