pvp 1:1 - run away

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pvp 1:1 - run away

Postby Pure Chaos » Mon Feb 11, 2008 7:20 pm

Im still new to this - I went to kill a miner who murdered my daughters miner in fel. I recalled in and shot him quick - apparently caught him quite off gaurd. He started to run and I gave chase. I think I got one more bolt into him but since he ran as fast as I and led me back to houses where reds were visible I gave up the chase.

It seems like to me that pvp 1:1 must be very hard to put someone away in the open as they seem to (as long as same steed situation) be able to run away as fast and presumable heal.
I suppose many classes cant heal while running, but mana comes back and some hp.
Am I missing something or isnt a safe approach to always run away when the battle turns against you?

What are the right or best ways to deal with a runner? Obviously I need to add a macro for moving shot - might have got him then, but any others?
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Postby DevilSpawn » Mon Feb 11, 2008 10:50 pm

So there are a few ways to kill someone who just wants to run and has zero intention on combat...

Moving shot is the first that comes to mind.

Otherwise, you've gotta run better than they are.. like they run into trees or rocks and you don't, then you've got a chance to catch them. Otherwise there's no way to kill that person without moving shot if you're the same speed.

If they want to fight you and just run when they get low or something, then you've got to trick them into hanging around long enough to die. This tactic is what like 80% of 1v1 non-dueling pvp is. I usually try to 'burst' my opponent down really quickly... or pretend to be losing to make him hang around... it's surprising how many people who are at 40-50% hp will stay on screen when you have 20% when they would have ran away otherwise - of course this strategy is extremely risky.

There are only a few times when you should be careful of running...

If you're opponent can deathstrike, you should worry about getting deathstruck just as you start to run. To counter this, run sooner. lol

If they can moving shot, then you might face moving shot spam until you're dead while running before they run out of mana (since all the moving shot pvpers have virtually unlimited mana). With them you're sort of screwed either way. Armor ignore or concussion shot does a lot more damage than moving shot. If I was on a dexer with healing, i'd run and heal for it... if I was on a mage or a 4/6er i'd stay around and try to heal up, disarm, or para shot... then heal.
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