Fishing/Kraken Question

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Fishing/Kraken Question

Postby AshOfCaine » Tue May 06, 2008 9:22 am

Was wondering if there is a slayer spellbook that works on the kraken.

Just took my fisherman out and got the not so bright idea of casting a net I fished up off a serpent and 3 kraken popped up. Since I only fought these in Shame, i didn't know the fished up kind breathe fire and so thought I could just sit back and cast when the world went gray. So aside from slayer book, any advice on how to take on the sea based Kraken? I know one thing I will do different next time is RUN then try and pick them off one on one, just need to know the quickest if not easiest way to kill one.
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Postby Tracy » Tue May 06, 2008 3:54 pm

get on a boat, cast the net, type in forward.
when the krakens pop up, hit enter. They'll follow.

Cast as many lightning spells as you can at them (or ebolts, or chain lightning).

As you deal damage you'll have to slow the boat down to slow forward, and eventually a full stop.

Just move the boat based on their speed, and kill them as you move.

When they're all dead, go back and get the corpses.

There is no slayer vulnerability, but they are very weak to energy based spells.
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