Grubber Champ Spawn

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Grubber Champ Spawn

Postby lkatana » Wed Jan 13, 2016 3:32 pm

Just had this idea for the DEV team
Not sure if they will like it and try it but its up on the focus group forum for every one that is apart of that forum
to check out and give their thoughts on it.
but i also thought id post it here for us to look at and give me feed back on the idea.
and if any one would like to copy this and post to any other forum feel free
but as they all say dont forget to credit the author

Now i know they be needing some fixes but got hit with a thought to make things even more interesting and hopefully even more fun.

Turn the grubbers into champ spawn.
instead of them running away they would agro on you
it will use either the CS setup or it will use the stigi mini CS spawns.
not not saying make a temp CS alter or anything

so here is my idea.
When the house falls

level 1 Grubbers Spawn.
These Grubbers will have the common items from the house.
things like common resources and low grade armor and such.

When you kill enough of the level 1 Grubbers
Level 2 Grubbers will spawn. Just like a CS they will be harder then the lvl 1s
These Grubbers will have uncommon items from the house.
so higher grade Resources like essences and the special imbuing ingredients
Higher grade armor
minor artifacts

Level 3 Grubbers will have
rare items
major artifacts
top grade resources like relic fragments, hart wood and higher, verite and higher

Level 4 Grubbers will have
top grade artifacts
Legendary Artifacts
miner Items perched from the Origin Store
4 Year vet rewards and lower

Grubber CS Boss / Renowned
High Grade items purchased from the Origin Store
5 year vet reward and higher items
Ultra rare / server birth items

now this would be a temp spawn
that would only last for say 1 or 2 hours max
you would have that long to kill all levels of the spawn
if you fail to kill the whole spawn in that time all of the grubbers will disappear
but if it can be done would be allot cooler if each grubber would open a moon gate and run into it and vanish.

i know this is allot of stuff to set up but i really think that people would enjoy fighting their way threw this. especially knowing that every level they are able to kill the next level will give even better items from the house.

now the body decay timer would have to be more like the stigi mini boss creatures to allow time for the players to loot the bodies.
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