Pirating Resource Colcting

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Pirating Resource Colcting

Postby lkatana » Tue Nov 08, 2016 4:13 pm

Now this has been a closely guarded secrete
But i am willing to share with my friends and family
of PAS
I will be willing to run the event.

Needed supplies
Cannon ammo bags:
50 heavy charges
50 heavy cannon balls
50 fuses
1 ram rod
1 swab
3 matches
no grape shot!

i can supply the charges and heavy cannon balls
each person will need 1 bag
heavy combat pets or combat chars not necessary

ill also supply the orc ship
though we may want an extra 1 or 2 ships.
Blue beetles would be a need
and then commodity deed scrolls

the event we will go out to combat merchant ships
and raid them of all their resources which will go to the PAS crafter house
or rolled for

And we can roll for other items like the licker smuggling cases
they are a cool item for deco and the bottles inside (not counting the
simi rare bottles) are all worth 30 turn in points each and each box
has 20 bottles plus 1 rare one.

also a chance for
white cloth dye tubs
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