2017-2018 KMG/PAS Holiday event

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2017-2018 KMG/PAS Holiday event

Postby lkatana » Mon Oct 30, 2017 4:03 am

Come one Come All!

introducing the KMG/PAS 2017-18 winter holiday event
Event start 10-30-2017
ending date 4-10-2018

This event starts with Halloween trick or treating fun
Look for special stewards by the name of
Trick Or Treat Me
walk up and say trick or treat for a free Halloween themed item
or something from the many random items that they have for you.
new items added daily

in addition to these fun items you can also become a participating member in this event
by setting up a steward gotten from a deed for 10,000 points in the clean up britiania
Rules are simple
Steward name must be : Trick or Treat Me
key words must be : Trick or Treat
A rune to you house must be dropped off at my mail box in luna
so i can add it to the trick or treat rune book by my trick or treat steward
so people can come to you
Runes must be marked in your house so i know they are for a house and not some deep dark dungeon
if you cannot mark a rune in your house because of something blocking the recall location you can
contact me and ill do what i can to set up a rune for you
Steward can be stocked any items you like
but i would incurage you to keep them themed for the holiday coming up
You can also co-own me to your house if you would like me to stock and maintain the steward
Please keep stewards well supplied

If you want to have a rune to your fel house these additional rules apply
No pvp can be allowed in or around your house for the duration of the event
There must be a safe place for people to come in and leave from
if i hear of any issues with pk's or other issues with the stewards i will remove your rune from the book

The next part of this event will be thanks giving
event starts 11-10-2017
ends 12-10-2017
This event the stewards will be changed to carry new gifts based on thanks giving
To join in this event rules
Vendor Name : Thanks Giving
key word : Turkey me

Christmas event
Event Starts 12-10-2017
ends 1-10-2018
This event the stewards will be reset to carry christmas themed items
To join in this event rules
Vendor Name : Santas Helpers
Key words : Ho Ho Ho

Valentines Event
Event Starts 1-10-2018
ends 2-20-2018
To join in this event rules
Vendor name : Cupid
key wards : Be Mine

April Fools Day
Event Starts 2-20-2018
ends 4-10-2018
To join this event rules
Vendor Name : Court Jester
Key Words : Juggle This

For each one of these events the stewards inventory will be altered to to match with the holiday
In addition to the stewards there will be hunting and other events going on based around the holiday

Location for the main event house is located In Luna North side
2 houses west of the north gate.
House is designed to look like west brit bank
At this location you will find both the first steward as well as
the rune book to the other stewards and the mail box to drop off the runes to your house
if you are wanting to join in

I will be updating the event builtin board located on the house as each event approaches
feel free to write me there with questions or comments

Thank you every one I hope you will enjoy these events as much as i have designing them
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Trick or Treat!!

Postby Lord Drakelord » Mon Oct 30, 2017 5:54 am

Trick or Treat!

Are you tired of getting just candy this Halloween? Not a GM at begging but would like to get something besides that piece of candy when you go Trick or Treat at the Luna bank? Well, there is a way to have that fun today and not be GM at the skill of begging.

Certain locations around this Halloween you will see "Trick or Treat me" stewards. The keyword will be "Trick or Treat". How can I find these locations? Well, Katana has made that easy for you by providing a rune books with the location of this "Trick or Treat me" stewards.

Location for the main event house is located In Luna Northside 2 houses west of the north gate. House is designed to look like west Brit bank. At this location, you will find both the first steward as well as the rune book to the other holiday stewards.

Have fun Folks! Enjoy your Halloween, may it be a safe and enjoyable Halloween in your real life as well!
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