Event Suggestions

Have an idea for a new event or an old one you'd like to see revived, but can't ever remember to bring it up at the guild meetings? Then post it here!

Event Suggestions

Postby Azareth » Thu Apr 09, 2009 7:25 pm

At the last elders meeting some events were suggested. I am listing them here so they won't be forgotten :)
1. Dungeon Crawls - once a week pick a dungeon to go all the way through from top to bottom pointing out the things you can harvest/pick up /bosses along the way. Go through all the dungeons that way.
2. Virtue Dungeons - once a week do a Virtue Dungeon since those are the ones that give arties.
3. Peerless Bosses - Dread Horn & Shimmering
4. Teach how to get the keys - perhaps once a month have someone teach one of the peerloss boss keys.
5. Skills Night - some ppl have requested one night to have all their raising skills levels answered with actual help. Some others have mentioned they dont mind being the target to help ppl raise dexing/magery or whatever else.
6. Pvp ppl have decided to make an icq list and whenever they are doing a pvp event, just send a notice out to the ppl on their list (Devilspawn offered to create the list). Last minute notices being the usual.
7. There was a request by some for the old quests since we have so many returning players who haven't played in many years. These quests are new again to them.
a. Naturalist Seed quest (for the rare colored seeds)
b. Obsidian quest
c. Cloak of Humility quest
d. Bag of Sending
e. Powder of translocation
f. Friends of the Library Quest

There is a skill building quide on www.uoguide.com. Just type your word into their search engine.

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