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To pay, or not to pay

PostPosted: Tue Apr 14, 2015 2:19 am
by AlmondJoy
I was new to UO, still running into despise and back out, lol when i met a player named Leon. He taught me to hold still for cross healing, as well as to move for solo attempts. Later we made tamers together. He was Kit Kat, I was Almond Joy (our favorite candy bars). He left UO before or just after I met up with PAS.

He introduced me to moonstones, and to the fact that fel dungeons had way fewer people hitting your mob. Not to mention, it was still possible to find house placement there. Sorta funny I moved to fel to get away from folks, nah not if you know me. my first home was a small tower, placed the same spot in Fel as kit kats was in tram, for safest travel to fel.

But this story is not about kit kat. If anyone hears a name that upsets them, please forgive me. I was always mindful of the PAS reputation, but i did travel in some disreputable circles in my time. And I have received some information that has left me feeling a great loss, needing to share.

I recall a day i entered Destard in Fel. I was met at the entrance by a man who informed me if i wanted to hunt there I would have to pay. I laughed at him, told him I appreciated his role play, but that i could hunt where i willed. and went about my business. About the time i was ready to hit the bank, I experienced my very first full fledged ganking. out of nowhere, in the dust before i could even react. meh I had heard such things happened in fel, so i did not suppose getting angry about it would do any good.

Boy was I a noob... rez, dead, rez dead, rez dead... yeah you know the game. It got boring and pointless after a while, and i was tired of declining counts... all that button pushing. So i hung about dead a while.

In time they began hunting themselves, and i figured while they were busy.... So in I ran hoping i could get to my body before the dragons started chowing down on me, or the pk's spotted me. my rune home was loose, i had no runebook yet, and i was not sure i could find home again without my rune. (my ability to become lost within a mile of my own home is phenomenal...)

Sadly i found all they had left were five bandaids. i had over 200 so i did ponder why they had left five. Then i noted most of the pk's were gone, and the two remaining had bitten off more than they could chew. one went down, the other could not rez him and fight. I do not know why.... but i ran over to him and rezzed him with my bandaids, used the other four to heal him while he fought the dragon and then promptly became dragon food myself.

I was about to run out again, and just chalk the day up to a loss, when the man i had rezzed said simply, please trust me and show... I did not see a way i could lose any more than i already had, so i stood still and showed. He rezzed me... and didnt rez kill me... I was surprised. I asked him why.

honor meets honor, was his reply, he gave me back my runes and opened a gate to trammel for me. For the first time i noted the guild name... DP

I have just found out, but have not been able to confim yet, that Anson passed away last year of a heart attack. Ive not spoken to him since i left WoW... but the loss is great atm... more later, i got a cry coming

It is confirmed that Anson did pass away late last year. I miss you boss man. (from WoW not UO)

Re: To pay, or not to pay

PostPosted: Tue Apr 14, 2015 2:32 am
by Ciara
Well I remember Dungeon Protectors. They demanded 1,000,000 in gold to hunt in Khuldun. And at that time 1,000,000 gold was a fortune. They did indeed kill anyone who went in without paying. I remember , I believe it was Melody, who always roleplayed with a southern drawl. I'm sure I probably met your special friend there. Thanks for sharing the memory. And sorry for your loss, if he is gone.

Re: To pay, or not to pay

PostPosted: Tue Apr 14, 2015 2:43 am
by AlmondJoy
menolly i think it was yes

but Anson was with us in GTH, and YAD. Later became the guild leader of GTH in WoW