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the Battle of Trinsic

PostPosted: Sat Jul 11, 2009 7:36 am
by KDSonoma
it was many eons ago, about the 1st year in UO if I remember correctly, and the Sonoma Alliance was running high. We had 23 guilds all allied to fight the red guilds in Sonoma.

EA had destroyed Trinsic, and had Juo Nar (a gm) running around town smiting people in one hit. He also had lots of shadow lord type helpers, along with the undead spawns they were able to call when they needed it.

Well, SA decided to go clean the town, there was supposed to be a big fight that night in Trinsic. So we head out, and after forming up about 90 players outside Trinsic I was told the EA event was delayed an hour. Arg, it was bad enough to try to keep PAS interested for an hour much less all these guilds of people.

So I told everyone we were headed into Trinsic to clean the town of the red players there. As we started moving into the south end of town, I started getting all kinds of icqs. "KD theres a TON of reds in Trinsic looking for you guys" hehe etc.

So I asked where, they said NE of town, heading towards you guys.

One guy said it was "more reds in one place than I have ever seen before". Well that sounded like fun, and instead of leaving, I was at the head of the group, and I headed straight for them.

Remember, we didnt have TS or vent, it was all icq or ingame chatter. Well all of a sudden about 20 red names popped on my screen, and I knew if they saw our numbers, even while trickling in, most wouldget away or they might drop us as we came into range. So I ran straight north, through them, almost a screen into them. So Im totally surrounded by reds, and now I see its about 30-40 reds on my screen, and some of them stop to type things like KILL HIM hehe etc. I was always impressed with how they could type and fight at the same time.

Well our guys opened fire, and swarmed the screen. I bet there was 80 ebolts etc thrown in the next 10 seconds. Amazingly I didnt die, because most of the shots were from our blues as they swarmed past the reds.

We dropped about 15 reds in the next 10 seconds, and then all hell broke loose. Even when they were retreating, some reds were still typing WHOLLY CRAP RUN hehe etc.

it was one of the wildest minutes of my ingame experience, and I think we might have lost 3 guys in that fight, and dropped about 20 reds in total. Obviously I sat around healing myself like mad to try to live thru it and got lucky.

Then we split up into groups and headed all over town, having fights with small pockets of reds for the next 45 min till EA got their stuff ready.

Then it was time for the big fight vs EA. Most of the reds went and got their blue chars to come help too, although a few reds hung around to get loot. Well here shows Juo nar, and 3 other gms on unbeatable chars, like 40 mill hps etc hehe and they swarmed us with undead, like about 50 liches, lich lords, etc, on one screen each time they spawned.

Well sheesh lots of us died, but we fought them back, wave after wave. Must have been 6 or 7 waves every 5 min or so, was the best monster fighting I had ever seen. SA folks were healing, ressing, curing, killing the undead, it was a blast.

then all of a sudden the spawns stopped, and in the last wave I think we had like 10 guys alive, ressing everyone as fast as we could.

I was later told that Sonoma was the only shard that "won" that battle vs EA, and the EA folks actually ran outta the ability to do another spawn, and had to wait a bit to call up a megaspawn. So 15 min pass, and then omg there must have been 300 LLs on a few screens, blocking us from moving, killing left and right. They finally got us all, but it was a blast, and the story line went from there to the next few days of more fighting where they finally let us win.

Wow that was fun.


PostPosted: Wed Jul 15, 2009 2:26 pm
by DevilSpawn
hehe, good story.

I really enjoyed that event. There were so many tight places in trinny... I'd run around with an ID wand and identify the "magic weapons" the dexers were using to kill the undead stuff... "OMG SILVER POWER KAT?!?!?!!" then block them with a bunch of liches, lol

"I'll heal you, don't run"
ooo OOoOo O oO o
"thx for the katana lolol"

The GMs on the super bone knights would target grey people first, lol and they attacked looters that were looting players they had killed. I definitely died at least once to a GM while carrying like 4 different peoples loot. It was awesome.

PostPosted: Fri Jan 08, 2010 6:10 pm
by Gromph
i think i was actually there for that in my bld days
man it was always fun killing sas

PostPosted: Sat Sep 04, 2010 4:27 pm
by Davind
I remember that battle very well. I was still in ARS at the time and we were part of the SA. That was so much fun.


PostPosted: Sat Sep 04, 2010 4:31 pm
by KDSonoma
*waves at Davind*

Great to see your name again my friend! I replied to your pm.