the battle of Oasis

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the battle of Oasis

Postby KDSonoma » Sat Jul 11, 2009 7:58 am

Oasis, the rp town made in the desert east of Britain, was another scene of a shard war.

We had several SA guilds against several red guilds. This one ended up being more like WWI with both sides in areas behind cover, holding their ground, like in trenches.

It was about 50 on 50 for this battle, and no one on either side wanted to attack. So knowing I am the worst pvper out there, but also the biggest target cause of the crown and my mouth *smiles*, I pulled aside a small group of PAS that we had told could operate on their own during the battle.

We set up away from either line, and I ran into the enemy trenches, through one ebolt, then ran back towards the PAS group. Well it worked, like everyone on that trench jumped up and chased me to get that kill shot, and they ran right into our best pvpers. BOOM, all 8 of them were dropped without loss. Once we had that trench cleared, I told one of the allied gms to move into that area and start flanking the enemy from behind.

I went along with the PAS group, and we routed the enemy in small groups. They panicked and ran all over the place. We didnt kill them all, but they ran off and lost the battle.

That was a shorter battle than most, but it was fun still.

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