the great bridge battle

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the great bridge battle

Postby KDSonoma » Sat Jul 11, 2009 8:07 am

we fought Arcadian 1st and their allies, alongside a few SA allies, in a battle at a bridge between Britain and Trinsic. The rules were that we had to cross the bridge to win the battle and hold that side. We also were able to use a boat in the river to cross, but could not just teleport across the river (to try to flank the enemy).

Well this is where we learned the hard way that we should TRY the boat before the event hehe. I took a small team of PAS and we scouted the enemy side of the river as our main body moved to the bridge to get ready to cross.

Well they had tons of fields of course on the bridge, but they kept the enemy busy. I tried to place the boat, and after 20 tries realized u cant place a boat on a river DOH.

OK so plan B, we ran the long way around to the coast (east) and I waited a minute. Sure enough, a scout ran by the other side of the river, and then headed west. I was invised and PAS were 2 screens back. So as soon as the scout left, I dropped the boat atthe river/coast, it worked, and yelled LETS GO. So we got on the boat, one by one, then off the boat on the other side. BINGO.

So we then dry docked the boat, so they wouldnt see it, and ran south 5 screens, then due west. We set up on the road leading to the bridge, and everyone hid but me. I then gave orders for our northern group to start trying to cross the bridge, and we would cause havok in the rear lines.

I knew it would take awhile, so I ran up to the 1st folks, shot an ebolt, and then ran south as 3 peeled off to chase me. The PAS group dropped them, and I repeated this twice more, getting 3 more enemy to chase me to their death. But the others were having a helluva time getting anywhere on the bridge with all the fields, archers, mages, etc.

So I decided the 6 of us would attack and try to take out mages near the bridge. As we rolled up and started dropping their mages, our guys pushed south and started making headway across the bridge. by then, more 1st turned and started to fight us and then ..............

SONOMA went down.


We had to call that battle a draw because the server stayed down for 2 hrs and everyone had bailed by then.

So it was a fun battle while it lasted, and we might have lost that one if the server hadnt crashed on us all, but it was still fun to take part in.

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