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The Search Continues

Postby Sethos » Tue Feb 21, 2012 1:01 pm

*need to tie up this storyline's loose ends so beg indulgent pardon for the following use of creative license in order to achieve it with the blending of past and present events. should offense be taken, please contact me at once and change shall be made. thanks!*


*Journal Entry*

Several days have passed since my encounter with Azaleta. I've taken temporary residence at an inn outside of Nu'Jel'm for convenience of proximity without becoming obvious.

Two nights ago conversation in a local tavern rested light upon the occasional patronage of a Templar Knight whose humility sets him to service as squire for none other than Chalnoth himself. A few pieces of gold pressed across an assassin's palm gave action to plan. Alas the poor wretch proved no match for skill, yet achievement of goal was alternatively attained as I was able to lay eyes upon this squire and follow in shadow as he made his way home. The following night presented opportunity for salutation. Advantage taken, such was sent in flame.

Tomorrow I shall venture forth to find this palace and its king with hope that Chalnoth joins him in counsel.
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