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Postby Luvs Harmony » Fri Feb 24, 2012 10:56 pm

Her soul ached as a feeling of great loss came over her. What had happened? Not so long ago, Luvs was filled with peace as she practiced her daily meditations, but now she felt such longing. Something was missing. Something big. The kind of thing you can’t live without. It was no use trying to meditate. She had to figure this out. Her mind kept going back to that night.

She had seen Kaylor on numerous occasions, but he had never really stood out before. Actually, that’s not entirely true. During the promotion ceremony, she couldn’t help but notice the respect Kaylor had for Chalnoth as he stood up when our Lord entered the room. And then when it was announced that he had been appointed Chalnoth’s squire? Obviously, he was no ordinary Templar. But that night in the Stygian Abyss, it was as if her heart had been pierced by a magic arrow of love.

Still, she knew she shouldn’t keep following him. Had he seen her? If so he hadn’t let on. But that other man had seen her… that shady fellow, his face hidden by a cowl. He sort of resembled a pirate with a long coat and tall boots. Although she couldn’t make out his face, she caught a glimpse of shining metal… maybe a gold tooth or an earring. His had gripped a bow that sent sheer terror down her spine. She dashed into the bushes knowing full well that if he shot at her, her leather armor would do little to stop his arrow. I’m lucky to be alive, she thought to herself.

Could this be the same man who had appeared at Nujelm during last night’s taming event. Jasmine had come home all in a dither. She was rambling on about how her dog Clifford had growled at some stranger who was asking alot of questions. Could this be the same guy who had been following Kaylor? But she didn’t mention his bow. Surely, she would have noticed that bow.

Kaylor needs to be warned. But how? Luvs was never any good at lying. And she definitely didn’t want to tell Kaylor the truth. That she had been stalking him? That she couldn’t stop thinking about him? She would have to think of something… and soon.
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