Hear Ye, Hear Ye! Haebas Corpus Suspended!

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Hear Ye, Hear Ye! Haebas Corpus Suspended!

Postby KDSonoma » Sat Mar 10, 2012 9:51 am

Due to the current cases of rebellion and invasion, the safety of the public
does require the suspension of Haebas Corpus.

Martial Law is now in effect.

The Superior Court of Sonoma has appointed Judge Maddwg to seek assistance in rooting out the villains behind the unrest.

Investigators will be paid 30 gold per month, plus expenses.

We are taking this route due to the lack of reliability in the current law enforcement agencies.

The Court has assigned the following individual as Chief Investigator: Maddwg

The following cities have an investigator assigned.

Britain - Maddwg (XX)
New Magenica - Vin Decatur (PAS)

We still need Investigators for the following cities:

Skara Brae

(All in Trammel)

The Investigators have uncovered the following facts.

1) In both cities it seems rioters come from all facets of life.
2) The Actors Guild in Britain seems to have many more members rioting than other groups.
3) On the night of March 8 many rioters were involved in arson incidents on the Britain docks.
4) In both cities "Captain" seems to be guarding a chest of 'rope'.
5) In Britain, the city Guard stood by and made no effort to banish red raiders.
6) In New Magencia, many rioters have started fires near the docks.
7) Several fires were set against the home of one Edward Manytoes. Elain the Noble and Alida the Noble were seen slinking around this property. Many incidents of arson have taken place near or at the Auction Stands in New Magencia.
9) Several Council members have been involved with the arson and rioting in Mew Magenica.
10) In both cities several people ahve been arrested and have been spotted back on the streets before any arraignement before the courts.


Drugs are being smuggled in at the docks which is why the activity on or near the docks.

The law enforcement of these cities is on the take, hence the release of prisoners, the lack of repsonse to raiders and rioters.

The City Council of New Magencia is involved in the drug smuggling ring.

The Actors of Britian are either involved in drup distribution or perhaps imply victims of drug abuse.

Someone is using the Auction stands in New Magencia to sell drugs, fires are started to distract concerned citizens from the truth.

We suspect that the rope the captain's are guarding is hemp.

Maddwg will setup a temporary office at the Nujel'm Court, Fel. The staff assigned to this facility and to the

Debtor's Prison seem to have abandoned their post.It is requested that the guild PAS guard this facilty while Court business is being conducted at the facility.

We hope Investigators in the other cities will be able to find more information to help us figure out exactly who is behind this recent drug invasion of our realm.

We are also seeking someone to help us find out which of the defense forces are still loyal to us and which are not.

This task will be assigned to a 'super' investigator we will title The Inquisitor.

The Inquisitor will be empowered to investigate guards, captains and other defense related citizens.

They should investigate staff at the following locations.

1) The Court of Truth, Fel
2) The Court of Truth, Tram
3) The New World Order in Minoc (sounds like a bunch of hooligans and ner'do wells)
4) The Rangers Guild in Skara Brae
5) The Trinsic Jail
6) The Trinsic Training Hall
7) The Brotherhood of Trinsic Barracks in Trinsic
9) Mess Hall in Trinsic
10) Vesper Customs shop
11) The Champions of Light in Vesper
12) Guard Post in Trinsic
13) Empath Abbey

The Inquisitor will be empowered to use all means necessary (including water torture) to gather the truth behind the actions of some of those that are supposed to be enforcing our laws, such as they are.

The inquisitor is empowered to request assistance from any person necessary to fulfill his/her assigned duties.

All Investigators will report to and follow the orders of the Inquisitor.

The Inquisitor will have the power to call Courts Martial at any time.
A Courts Martial will be led by Judge Maddwg and sentencing may be carried out on the pronouncement of guilt. Innocents will be immediately set free.

The guillotine in Nujel'm will be used if required.

Look for more information soon from Judge Maddwg.

*Royal Seal*

King of Sonoma
King of Sonoma
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Postby Maddwg » Sat Mar 10, 2012 1:26 pm

'Tis truly a sad state of affairs that has befallen our lands.

Yesterday, Vin Decatur did arrest seven more members of the New Magenica Council. It is apparent that some outside entity is influencing the leadership of that city. Councilmembers and their servants are a veruy large percentage of those creating trouble. Think the servants are simply doing as they were commanded by the ones they serve.

The leadership of New Magenica are in open rebellion to the just rulers of Sonoma.
I call upon people to volunteer to help us find the dastrdly fiends behind this recent explosion of drug smuggling which seems to be what this 'rebellion' is all about.

We are under martial law. Hence, King David and Chalnoth Tholl are the ultimate leaders to quell this rebellion.
Once an Inquisitor is chosen, he/she will lead the investagations while I will simply rule on the fate of suspects once ALL of the evidence has been submitted.

I will interview people tonight from 6:00 PM PST (8 CST) lasting for an hour or until I am done. Interviews will be held at my temporary office at the Nujel'm Court.

Judge Maddwg

(ooc - while this is strictly RP and meant to be more humorous than serious, that is up for US to figure out. Most of it will be funny but Maddwg will take no mercy on anyone deemed 'rebel'. I have no idea where the devs are going with the real event. So, if they make the rebels into the heroes...we will deal with it.
This 'event' can not ever interfere with your duites to PAS. Chalnoth has final say in anything involving PAS.
I would like to assign the position of Inquisitor to somone that likes to roleplay and is willing take some leadership.
Maddwg is not a member of PAS and his power is limited to what is granted.
1) Choose an Inquisitor and help choose Investigators
2) Here eveidence and pass jusgement.
3) Tell stories.
I'm just saying, PAS leadership takes precedence. Period.

At this point, other than going to cities and seeing who the rebels are, this event should not take up a lot of PAS time.

I saw somewhere that someone was asking which city should PAS support. At this time I am throwing out the "why 1 city" question. That is a PAS leadership decision and not mine. I do think PAS has enough people that they could assign some people to each of the rebel cities and hence take it all. :). Just a thought. I'm not greedy but I think YOU have the power do it. I have not seen much over the years that can stop PAS.

At a minimum, help Vin and I write some funny stories. Possibly we can invent something that we can all get involved in..depending on where the real event is headed.)

This is all about having fun.
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Postby Maddwg » Sat Mar 10, 2012 5:45 pm

I know many of you have heard the rioters expressing their inability to support themselves or their families. Give them a thousand gold or food, clothing,etc. Right?

I call BS on that.
I will not support these people anymore. I believe that it is the wealthier peoples responsibility to assist those in need and those that cannot fend for themselves.
That IS NOT the case with these rioters.

They can work. I know this because they can stand around all day rioting, can start fires, and walk across town.
They CAN walk.

In all of our cities there are several people so desperrate to employ people that they will stop people on the street almost begging for somone to work for them! They will pay 500 gold just to go for a walk with them!

Egads!! Just how good is the economy?

So, this "Poor me, I am hungy" stuff is just a ruse.

While escorting this fighter to jaik, we passed this guy almost within site of where I arrested the fighter.

Here I am escorting Marylou the Actor to jail and we pass Louisa the Peasnt asking if we seek employment.
The pesants can pay 500 gold for help!

It is time to get to the bottom of these treasonous riots!

Investigator for Britain
Judge for Sonoma
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