Maddwg Reports to the King

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Maddwg Reports to the King

Postby Maddwg » Fri Mar 16, 2012 10:13 pm

The figure approached the king dressed all in black and gray.
The raconteurs bright red shield replaced by a flat gray device.
In place of a sword in his right hand he held the black Judges Gavel of the Sonoma Courts.
Removing his helm diplayed the long hair now streaked with gray as is his beard.
It is apparent that he is at ease in the King's private office.

He settled into the offered chair across the desk from the King.

"Thanks for seeing me before I make the official report."
He takes a drink from the ale sitting before him.
It is a much appreciated as he knows the king does not abide in such things.
"I was very disapponited by the turnout for recruitement for the invetigator positions.
I can count the number of volunteers on no fingers.
Those investgators I have are in use simply because I could draft them.
I personally have taken the city of Britain and had to slay several of those red drug smugglers.
They weren't to keen on the arrest idea, but I must admit that I did not often offer them the choice.
I am to old for much fighting, however I considered this extraodinary circumstances.
I think I have managed to fulfill my duties.

Lord Vin was easy to recruit.
He has had his hands full in New Magenica. He can't arrest rioters fast enough.
In the other cities we have to search them out, there they often are multiple rioters in one place.

My Lady Karyn has always been fond of Minoc as she spent much of her youth there. She has done a fine job.
However, she does rely on magic for force and as you know, magic is of limited use in cities.
I had to send Vin to protect her againt some of those red, raiding, drug smugglers.

I don't know if you ever met Charles (Chuck) Wood. We hired him several years ago to help with things.
Mainly he repairs our broken furniture, tinkers with strange devices and takes care of the house.
Sadly, he know nothing of combat and his reporting was sporadic as raiders were about.

Mister Fingurs was an incompetant thief that I arresetd years ago. I can't seem to get rid of him.
He is our cook and has taken up the making of moonshine. He is clueless in combat.

The brooding Toxic was once a known murderer. Many people fell to his poisoned blade years ago.
He can still defend himself but age has made him useless in any real combat. We mostly employ him to
search out places to place our house. Other than that, he is retired.

There you have your motley crew of investigators."


State of the Realm - March, 2012

Prepared by: Maddwg, Judge

Your Majesty,
Lords and Ladies of Sonoma,
Loyal Citizens.

Judge Maddwg did respond to the request of the King and ask for volunteers to act as
Investigators for this 'rebellion' we are experiencing.

Reporting for the City of Britain: Judge Lord Maddwg; Raconteur of Dos Equis and Judge of Sonoma.
Reporting for the City of Jhelom - n/a
Reporting for the City of Minoc - Lady Karyn,;Blacksmith, currently without affiliation
Reporting for the City of Moonglow - n/a
Reporting for the City of New Magenica - Lord Vin Decatur; Court Jester of the People's Army of Sonoma
Reporting for the City of Skara Brae - Chuck Wood; employee of XX Bar and Grill
Reporting for the City of Trinsic - Stick E Fingurs; Director of Brewing of XX Bar and Grill
Reporting for the City of Vesper - n/a
Reporting for the City of Yew - Toxic Haze, Provocateur of Dos Equis

Maddwg assisted a group sent to Vesper by EM Sangria against the disloyal guards.

In the city of Britain much of the rebellion seems to be subdued. We must keep an eye of the Actors Guild in this city.
Over fifty percent of those arrested in Britain have been either Actors or Bards.

In the city of Minoc it appears the the fighter guild known as the New World Order is behind the rebellion in this city. More than a dozen fighter have been arrested inside the head quarters of this organization and many more of all classes within sight of this establishment. Seven bards have been arrested in this town.

The city of New Magenica is a hotbed of sedition. The Councilmembers are the apparent formentors of the rebellion here.
Twenty Councilmemebers have been arrested along with eleven of their servants. Six bards, two actors and three artist arrested are suspected to be from the Britain Actors Guild.

In the city of Skara Brae there has been a varied mix of the occupations of those arrested, including three bards. However, the rangers make up almost fourty percent of those arrested. The Rangers Guild here should be considered a criminal activity. The most shocking is that two mayors were arrested here. Apparently, the Rangers are controlling the mayors office.

In Trinsic the rioting and protesting is less wide spread than in some other cities. However, I must admit that Mr. Fingurs has had limited time to spend in Trinsic.However five bards were among the seventeen arrests made here.

When we first investigated Yew, it appearded that the Empath Abbey may have something to do with this rebellion. In the first ten arrests here, five were either monks are farmers withinn site of the Abbey. However, only one other arrest was made near the Abbey after that first day. The rebellion here is small and seems to be unfocused. Possibly those fermenting rebellion here were arrested early.

It is apparent that much of the 'reasons' for this rebellion are obvious propaganda. Many people complaining are within site of employment barkers seeking escorts. As an escort is paid 500 gold, it is reasonable to think that a few people could band together and make these escort tasks. One 500 gold run could feed, house and clothe several families. It is my opinion that this is simply an attempt at a coup aginst the leadership of Sonoma.

I am not yet been able to pinpoint exactly who or what is behind this rebellion.
I do accuse the Actors Guild of Britain of sedition and rebellion.
I do accuse the Rangers Guild of Skara Brae of rebellion.
I do accuse the Council of New Magencia of sedition and rebellion.
I suspect the Actors guild of being the main organization behind this rebellion.
I accuse the guards of Vepser of open rebellion.

Bards, actors and artist have been arrested in all areas under investigation. I believe that they are smuggling drugs by ship from Britain to the other cities as many arson related fores have broken out on or near the docks of several cities.

Once the rebellion is crushed, we should ensure that the wages paid to our blue collare workers is fair and equitable. We want the miners, peasants, farners, etc. to know that we all appreciate their work and intend to ensure their fair pay and treatment. I susggest that a office be created to assist the blue collar workers, the Royal Office of Employment.

I suggest that henceforth, those supporting teh crown be termed "Loyalist".

Another report will be filed in a week unless one is required before then.

Signed, this day;

PS I have a new tale up on Stratics/Sonoma about the Vesper raid.
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