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Maddwg Reports to the King

Postby Maddwg » Mon Mar 26, 2012 6:02 pm

State of the Kingdom
March 23, 2010

Your Majesty,
Lords and Ladies,
Loyal Citizens:

Last week we, Loyalist, continued our efforts to suppress the rebellion
and find out who is behind the rebellion.

We could not dedicate as much time to this issue this week as we did last week.

In Britain, I arrested 42 indviduals of which 20 were either
from the Artists Guild. This supports the theory that the Artist Guild is deeply
involved in the rampant drug trade and inciting riots.
Red Raiders appeared in Britain and I applied the full force of the law upon them.
One, Maribel the Waitress did assist in bringing three raiders to justice.
I bestowed upon her the ill-gotten gold that those raiders had on their bodies.
I will also bestow upon her a monthly stipend as a reward from the King
(I assume that thou will approve this reward for suc remarkable behavior.)
{OOC - Maribel the Waitress is an NPC that attacked three raiders after they attacked me!}

Lady Karyn did make fifty arrests in Minoc. Fifteen of those were Actors, Artist or Bards.
Ten rioters were from the New World Order, adding to the theory that NWO is allied with the
Artists Guild in inciting rebelluion.

Your loyal servant, Vin Decatur of PAS, did arrest one hundred asnd sixty-eight hooligans
in New Magenica. Fourty Council Members were among those arrested. Fourteen Actors,
Artist or Bards were also among those jailed. It is apparent that The City Council here
has been infiltrated by enemies of the state and are taking their orders from the Artist Guild.

Thirty-three rioters were led to jail in Skara Brae. A full third of those were from the
Rangers Guild. Another ten were Actors, Artist or Bards. Apparently the Rangers Guild has
fallen under the control of the Artists Guild and their evil drug lords.

In Trinsic we only arrested eighteen rioters for various reasons. Six were members of
the Artist Guild, six were fighters. No specific organization appears to be leading
the revolt in Trinsic. Rioters are much more random here.

Yew has the least amount of rioting of the cities were are able to patrol. We did arrest sixteen
members here. Patroling Yew takes a lot of time as it encompasses a lot of forest land. Six of
the sixteen arrested are in occupations supported by the Artist Guild.

Further investigation has proven that the reasons rioters use for their actions are false.
Again, all of the cities have several job opening for escorts. One escort task could provide
food, clothing, housing, etc. for a family of 3 for two days and leave some money for savings.
If the memebrs of the Aetist Guild want higher incomes, possibly they could show Your Majesty
how they contribute to society now. Most of them just mill around town. If they actually offered
plays and concerts for the citizens, I could get behind an addition to their income.

There are plenty of oppurtunities for fighter, rangers, mages and other such classes to increase
their income with the afore-mentioned escort jobs.

We will do an analysis of farming before we make any suggestions on adding any farm subsidies.

Miners have nothing to complain about. Mining in Trammel is estimated by (based on ((average ore per tool*ore selling amount to shops) - cost of tool) * 8 tools per day. This would be a slow miner. using bought shovels at 12 gold per shovel, a miner should get a minimum of 100 ore per shovel. Ore sells for 6 gold at Provioners shops but usually sells for more to Blacksmiths. Britian blacksmith offered karyn 24 gold per iron ore. At six gold per ore, 100 iron ore per shovel, a slow miner could still reel in 3000-5000 gold per day. In Felucca this doubles although the threat level to a miner may be slighly higher to a miner there. A hard working miner could easily make 10000 per day if he plans his day well. This is based on a professional level miner, of course.

Pay to servants are between the servant and their employer. We recommend that a minimum wage be set at 20 gold
per hour for government employees.
(This should not affect existing contracts between government entities and those that have signed those contracts;i.e the contract with the Raconteurs Association that guarantees they receive no more or less than 32 gold per month.)
Positions held by Lords, Ladies and Loyal Citizens (players) should always remain zero unless otherwise stipulated in an agreement between the employing agency and the position holder; i.e. Court Officers, Rangers (Loyalist), appointed members of law enforcement, etc.
These are all simply suggestions as the Court does not make law.

For the Loyalist,
Court of Sonoma,
Maddwg, Judge


If you would like to get involved with this RP event, contact Vin DEcatur :)
This event will run until after EA finishes their event.
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