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Postby kaylor » Thu Mar 29, 2012 5:43 pm

*example of most recent post from Spartacus RP - in case anyone may be interested*


He allowed his gaze rest upon favored brother for fleeting moment, then forced eyes away with deep mournful breath. Joy was but temporary in the midst of such grievous misfortune. Portent of death hung in the air with voracious appetite and all were more than aware of its hovering presence. "You are Doctore, Oenomaus. We owe learned skill to your teachings." His words echoed the dread embodied by their recent flight from Glaber's legions. "While I possess no ability to predict the future's outcome, it is my most fervent belief that you, trusted brother, would be the one to rise victorious above any who stand here today." He lowered his head, staring down at the snow. Such glacial purity, pristine as innocence long since forgotten in wake of crimson crucifixtions and malevolent vengeance. Turning at last to face Oenomaus, he spoke in voice firm with unaccustomed authority. "We are geographically isolated here, Doctore, absent food source and necessary supplies. The Romans have advantage we must find way to dissolve."
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