Maddwg Reports to the King

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Maddwg Reports to the King

Postby Maddwg » Sat Apr 07, 2012 10:18 am

State of the Kingdom
April 7, 2010

Your Majesty,
Lords and Ladies,
Loyal Citizens:

We Loyalist continued our efforts to suppress the rebellion and find out who is behind the trouble in our lands.

In Britain, I made twenty-eight arrests citizens and raiders. Ten were raiders from other areas.
Seven of those arrested belong to the Artist Guild.
Again a raider was arrested twice. This week it was Reba. Clearly, there is a agent of rebellion among the
security forces in Britain.

Lady Karyn made another thirty-two arrests in Minoc. Eight were from the Actor's Guild..
Eleven rioters were from the New World Order.

Lord Vin Decatur did arrest one hundred and fifteen various criminal elements in New Magenica.
Nineteen Council Members were among those arrested.
Sixteen Actors, Artist or Bards were also among those jailed. .
Thirty-four were servants, following the orders of their Councilmemebr masters.

Thirty-one rioters were led to jail in Skara Brae.
Of those arrested, seven were from the Rangers Guild.
Another seven were Actors, Artist or Bards.

In Trinsic we arrested thirty-one rioters for various reasons.
Of those arrested seven were fighters and eleven were Actors, Artist or Bards.

Twenty leaders of the rebellion were arrested in Yew.
Seven were Actors, Artists or Bards, four were fighters.
There has been no sightings of Toxic Haze since PAS found the note he left for us.
I have not been able to find any news of the one known as Ysgeler.
I am going through the files from the libraries to see if I can find anything.

For the Loyalist,
Court of Sonoma,
Maddwg, Judge
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