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Postby Vin Decatur » Wed Apr 11, 2012 12:00 am

PAS gathered in NJ....I've always enjoyed the gathering. i don't sing as much anymore. That new client isn't very helpful for singing :(

We were going to clear the cities of those drug-smuggling raiders. Then the news comes down the line; no raiders.
Further evidence that these raiders are just in it for the drug deals. No stomach for a real fight.
Since just the news that we were going to visit them has caused our enemies to flee before us, we have to figure out some other way to amuse ourselves. I thought drinking was an appropriate alternative to killin' stuff. So I practiced my In Vin Booze spell.
It worked.
It was agreed that we would go visit that dungeon that belonged to Exodus. We ventured to our leaders house and rubbed a magic corrupted thingy and "POOF", we were there. Like giddy children in a candy store, we slaughtered everything that moved. I tried killing stuff that didn't move but the machinery outsmarted me.
Eventually, word spread that we only had to kill the minions to get the thinga-whats-it we needed. We resumed killing everything that moved.
Finally we hade enough of those thinga-whats-its and traded them for bags-o-tools. Using the bags-o-tools we did some puzzles.
Luv's called it right, "Electro-shock therapy".
So, I'm doing these shocking puzzles and collecting tickets. How fulfilling!
So, what great thing do we get for this?
Oh, a house deco.
Really, a house deco?
I gave my tickets to Kellan.
I have been around for years. I have given away TONS-O-Leetness.
If I collect junk, it has to be special.
The sword PAS gave me for Christmas 2008, Jack Tallow's boat, the shield COP gave me years ago, etc. Stuff with meaning.
Although, I am collecting city banners as I like them.
C'est la vie.
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