Gannicus (my most recent piece from FB roleplay)

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Gannicus (my most recent piece from FB roleplay)

Postby kaylor » Wed Apr 11, 2012 8:51 pm

He pulled the coarse blanket over his head and leaned cautiously out into the corridor. The one guard assigned to his night watch hastened to block further movement. "Where in Hades do you think to go at this late hour?" Gannicus made slow effort to turn, his voice caustic reply. "I would p**s absent f*****g eyes upon c**k." A grin stealthed over the former champion's visage as the sentinel imprudently raised a hand to his shoulder, thought to impede a slave's progress exposing sword to clear access. Advantage swiftly utilized, Gannicus reached out, closing his hand over the weapon and deftly drawing it forth before plunging it deeply into the man's abdomen. The guard fell in frenzied astonishment, watching his entrails spill upon straw as death claimed the rebel's victim.

He kept to shadow, making way to the yard. Night had come on fast, the temperature quickly fallen. Earlier clouds had dissipated unveiling a sky full of countless glimmering stars. A sudden sound caught his attention. Tension surged, adrenalin a turbulent flood coursing through him white hot and deadly. Pain exploded inward from behind. He stumbled, whirling about with murderous intent, instantly seized by animal instinct and raging fury. A dark figure crouched in the sand balanced on the balls of his feet, a bloodied gladius locked in his grip. A second silhouetted shape stepped forward. Massively muscled, he held a rectangular scutum in one hand, a spear secured firmly in the other. Gladiators?! Within seconds he found himself surrounded by them, each in full armour and fully armed. Clad in simple cloth, his only weapon the stolen sword, he saw freedom slipping farther from grasp as realization dawned that word of the guard's death had somehow fallen upon Quintus' ears leading him to mount brisk effort to stop him. "Better death than slavery." Words hung in air but for seconds. He raised blade and advanced with fearless resolve.

The first fighter sprang, gladius slashing. The second followed, ramming his shield into Gannicus' bare chest with brutal force, its impact robbing him of breath, jarring his shoulders and sending him to the sand. He rolled away only to find yet another shape looming over him. A shaft of light pierced the night, a silver glint of arcing steel. He kicked his attacker's legs out from under him and leapt back to his feet, taking ready stance. A net sailed in his direction. He danced back avoiding its capture with ease, but before he could move again he felt a swordpoint rip through his Achilles', a strong hand grasping his hair straining it against its roots. His head was lifted then slammed against a wooden parma. His vision went spinning, a burst of blood wet upon his brow, crippling pain radiating up his leg.

"Take him to his Dominus!" The Centurion's voice echoed through fading consciousness.
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