Maddwg Reports to the King with Warning

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Maddwg Reports to the King with Warning

Postby Maddwg » Sun Apr 22, 2012 1:25 pm

State of the Kingdom
April 22, 2012

Your Majesty,
Lords and Ladies,
Loyal Citizens:

The rebellion has not intensifed but our arresting rioters has had no impact on the rebellion.
We are changing our tactics. While we are continuing to make arrests we are spending much less time doing so.
The hundreds of arrest we made have confirmed that certain groups form some of our cities
are deeply involved in fostering the rebellion.
The following organizations are key players in the rebellion:
'Artists Guild',
the Rangers Guild of Skara Brae,
the New world Order of Minoc
The Council of New Magencia.
These may not be the only organizations involved as our resources were limited to gathering data in Britain,
Minoc, New Magenica, Skara Brae, Trinsic and Yew.

We have surmised that there are agents pf rebellion that use the Yew Prison as a meeting place.
Our agent, Stick E. Fungurs has been monitoring Yew in an attempt to locate the missing agent Toxic Haze.
Stick E did locate Toxic in the prison. Agents of Ysgeler were relocating him and meeting with other traitorous elements
and Stick E assisted Toxic in escaping from the prison.

It seems our agnet, Toxic, had been held in some dark, dank house. He managed to escpae from the room he was held in
and was caught while exploring a room with a altar to some evil entity. He did get to read some pages from a diary of sorts
belonging to Ysgeler. There were pages that appeared to show paymnets to some of the agencies listed above and to the mayor's
office in Skara Brae. It is unforrunate that Toxic was not able to surmise the location of Ysgeler's lair.

I must stress again that the causes of rebelllion are fictious in nature. There is no lack of work in Sonoma. It is agreed that
the population of wealthy Lords and Ladies has diminished, but this has created more oppurtunities for employment
not less. Our cities are overrun with people seeking assistance! Food prices are unchanged and fairly consistent
across the realm. we have found NO situations of food shortages.

However, this does not change the fact that the rioters are convinced that their reasons are true.
I can only surmise that some outside force is effecting their ability to make a rational analysis of the situation.
I do not know what is causing this widespread insanity.

I do not know what partYsgeler has in this rebellion. I do not know if she is causing it or just uing it for her own gain.

My lord,
I must send a dire warning.
While Toxic haze investigated Ysgeler's lair, he found a list of many names. Thine own was on it.
Toxic thinks it is some sort of vendetta list or a 'hit' list.
We have no confirmation of this.
Names that Toxic recalls seeing include.
King David,
Lady Love Spirit,
Lady Queen Mum,
Lady Jocelyn,
Chalnoth Tholl,
all members of PAS,
all members of Dos Equis.
There were names on the list of people we no longer see in Sonoma. Those names were lined out. I will not list those names as some were close friends.
I implore you to remain cautious in your travels.

For the Loyalist,
Court of Sonoma,
Maddwg, Judge
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Postby Chalnoth Tholl » Tue Apr 24, 2012 10:33 pm

Fine fine work Your Honor,

I myself have just recently been able to join the fray in supressing the rioters. Some success in Maginicia and MoonGlow. Collected enough bounty to purchase two city banners, fine symbols of local pride. I had dispatched my most trusted Tamer, Lady Tuatha Dana to assist in kwelling the situation in Brit. Seems to have quited down there as she has spent the last several nights scowering the city and has little reward. A few scattered rioters, and some trash to clean but extremely limited activity for a metropolis of her size. The lack of any systemic violence within Brit, while welcomed does still leave me to ponder...why the limited exposure here where thier activities would most surely be reported across Sonoma?

I will continue my supression activities marginally in Glow and New Maginicia and continue focus in Brit for a time.

Send word if assistance is required in other burgs.
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Chalnoth Tholl
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Postby Maddwg » Wed Apr 25, 2012 10:02 pm

Milord Chalnoth,

Britain has quietened down considerably. The Felucca side is more active than the Trammel side. I also find that I must patrol the farms outside the city and down to near the moongate to find them. The rioters in Briatin have changed their tactics and I have to wonder why?
I have not noticed much difference between the facets in the other cities.

I do not think Ysgeler is the actual reason for the rioting. I do not know for a fact that she knows more about it than we do. I am convinced that she is trying to leverage this time of trouble to her advantage. For what purpose, I can only guess. I do think she will do something in the coming weeks just to make sure she gets her share of the attention, if for no other purpose.
Be diligent my friend.

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