Missive to Judge Maddwg

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Missive to Judge Maddwg

Postby Chalnoth Tholl » Sun May 06, 2012 8:31 am

To the most honorable Judge Maddwg, Esq:

Your Honor,
Thank you for your tireless efforts toward discovery of the root cause of the unrest in our lands. I take a moment to report my own recent activity. Just this week I have dispatched Karn to the mining town of Minoc and Delta Vega, of House Chalnoth to Vesper. Both carried out major moves at quelling the disquiet, earning banners from towns for deeds performed.

A slight tactical error in assigning Delta, as an archer he excells at raider supression and removal, however the bridges of Vesper are a challenge in returning arrested felons to the Captain of the Guard, slowing his effort.

Most recently I have commisssioned James Gosling, a crafter of some reknown, possessing honed magic skills to begin work in Warrior strong hold of Jhelom. He reports some early success and that he has dispatching rather large sums in stipends to the protesters, due to limited numbers of rioters to arrest. His activity will be a major focus of interest in the comming days.

Tuatha and the provo Bard Masaka Soong continue maintenance work in Britain and Moonglow respectively. I, myself, will continue to quell insurrestions in New Maginicia as the need arises. The wide spread nature of this unrest continues to be of greatest concern. Finding the root of this and decapitating the source is a top priority of the realm.

Best of luck in your continuing investigations. The realm breaths less furtively because of your activities. Your timely notices are appreciated.
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