A scarey awakening

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A scarey awakening

Postby AlmondJoy » Wed May 09, 2012 10:25 am

She woke upon the altar near Despise. Her body seemingly whole. She should be dead. Why was she not dead?

She remembered finding Shawnsa, dehydrated and near death, her fingers gone from endless mindless digging in Khaldun. The old ones were coming attempting to bring in again the madness of chaos, attempting to regain power on this world, Shawnsa had been umong its first victims.

She remembered GTH rushing to the dungeon to her call, and to the call of others who had been forwarned. KVP had also come, in fact many guild had banded together to defend the land, but they were betrayed and she had watched her sister AJ fall in ambush.

She remembered finding the one who had betrayed them all, but not being strong enough, and in desperation summoning the blood dragon who did not stop devouring evil souls until it was sated. And then came back to claim her own.

Why was she not dead?

She brought her hand to her neck to touch the vial that always hung there, and found it shattered. knowing then what must have happened.
"Gunga", she whispered, a tear flowing down her cheek. The shattered vial that tied her to him saying he had sacrificed his life for the trio of sisters....

She shed her tears, and set out on her journey to find again her sisters, to find again PAS as her allies in this world.
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