Lord of the Demons: Part 3

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Lord of the Demons: Part 3

Postby BadgirlXalan » Sun Jun 03, 2012 3:25 pm

*took a while but finally got a rough draft for the finale of the story, lemme know what ya think.*

"Ten, perhaps more." Niela'ras thought to herself as she slowly made her way through the ruins. "They sound threatened, perhaps my target is near." As she came upon a pool of reddish-black liquid she knelt and took a bit of it in her hand. "Sulfurous and still warm, the hounds must be near." She stayed crouched as she made her way up to a stone cornerstone. As she peered slowly around the corner her eyes ran upon a truly sickening sight. A pack of hell hounds lay gathered around a small burning ruin, four injured adults and six frightened pups. Niela'ras backed away from the cornerstone as she reached into her pack. "Hopefully I did not give that foolish human my last rations." She thought to herself as she searched her pack. "Yes! there we go" She pulled a package of dried fish steaks and a bottle of thick yellow liquid from the container and laid it out before her. She uncorked the bottle and proceeded to pour the liquid upon the fish steaks. She picked them up and slowly crept around the corner towards the hounds. Sensing her presence, the alpha hound lowered its head and began to growl. "Be at ease, I mean you no harm." Niela'ras said calmly as she threw a fish steak to the ground near the hound. Cautiously, the hound sniffed at the offering. Smelling nothing but smoked fish, the hound proceeded to sample the treat. Within seconds of digesting the steak, the wounds on the large hound began to close. Soon the beast was at its full strength as it licked the ground where the steak once laid. "Thought you might enjoy that." Niela'ras joked as she threw the remaining steaks to the other hounds. After seeing their leader partake, the rest of the pack took no hesitation in devouring the rare treat and soon they too were fully recovered. With their newly returned strength the adults began picking up the pups and quickly they fled the area. "Your welcome..." thought Niela'ras. "Back to the task at hand. The wounds on the hounds, they were caused by a demon's claw, but a claw bigger than one I've ever encountered. Must be what I'm seeking." Just then the ground shook violently as a deafening roar resonated throughout the ruins.

Rocks and debris fell to the ground around her as she stood in a defensive stance. Soon a bright orange glow was visible from behind a row of collapsing buildings to the northeast. Withdrawing her weapon, Niela'ras crept closer to the source of the glow. As she came to a stairwell she could see the source of the roar. A red scaled demon, as tall as a great Yew tree, stood in a decayed plaza square. It's horns were twisted and as black as the Void itself. Unlike other demons, this creature had a ragged cloak draped upon its back. "It dresses as a Noble," Niela'ras thought. "Perhaps it will fight like one as well." She silently spread her wings and took flight. Stealthily she glided towards her target, ready to strike at any time. Suddenly without warning the great demon spun around, it's burning eyes meeting hers. "YOU SHOULD RUN" The Slasher bellowed as he raised his hand to strike. Niela'ras quickly darted back and launched her glaive, striking the creature's neck and leaving a small scratch. "I HAVE DEFEATED ARMIES, AND YOU DARE TO CHALLENGE ME! MY POWER WILL HAUNT YOU EVEN IN DEATH!" roared the demon. Niela'ras caught her weapon and hurled it again, aiming for the small scratch. As the glaive found its target the Slasher quickly dropped its chin into its chest. "KU ORT!" it screamed as crimson flames shot from it's mouth. The force of the spell drove Niela'ras backwards through the wall of a nearby building. Fire soon enveloped the building and area surrounding it. "GWAH HA HA" bellowed the creature. "PATHETIC!" Just then Niela'ras burst forth from the collapsing building charging upward toward the beast's neck, driving her glaive deep within. "You were saying?!" Niela'ras exclaimed as thick oily liquid began to pour from the Slasher's wound. The Slasher roared with rage as the cavernous area began to quake. The force of the quake launched Niela'ras to the ground, launching her blood covered weapon near the still burning ruins. Once near the fire, the weapon instantly ignited. "His blood can ignite. I just need a flame!" Niela'ras thought to herself as she reached for her still burning glaive. Perhaps sensing her plan, the Slasher quickly grabbed Niela'ras from the ground and hurled her across the cavern. The beast then commenced to stomp, bringing down more rubble from the cavern's ceiling directly upon Niela'ras. Laying trapped beneath the debris, she desperately tried to reach for her pack for another bottle of Conflagration potion. Her hopes were dashed as she found only broken glass and spoiled liquid. "Perfect..." she thought as the great Demon Lord bared down upon her. "YOUR STORY..guurrggle.. ENDS HERE!" sputtered the Slasher as his oily blood ran down his body. Suddenly a loud howl echoed across the cavern as a large hell-hound stepped out from the shadows. The alpha of the hell-hound pack had come to return the kindness shown by Niela'ras, as nearly three dozen hell-hounds began appearing and surrounding the Slasher. Each began to emit a low growl as fire built up in their throats and with a loud bark the alpha hound signaled his followers to attack. A volley of fire rained down upon the Slasher, igniting the blood that oozed from his neck. The great Demon Lord thrashed violently as he reeled backwards and kicked the pile of rubble that imprisoned Niela'ras. She took this chance to break free and retrieve her weapon. "Time to end this!" Niela'ras roared as she launched her glaive. The weapon found its mark as it sliced through the burning throat of the Slasher. Now the wound was big enough for the surrounding flame to ignite the beast's bloodstream and soon the once great Slasher was nothing more than a smoldering pile of flesh.

"Guess that makes us even, wild one." Niela'ras shouted to the alpha hell hound. The proud creature nodded as it barked, signaling its kin to move on. As the last hound disappeared from sight, Niela'ras turned to the remains of the Slasher and crouched down. With the sharp edge of her now bent glaive she managed to cut free a large claw. "Maybe I can trade this to Carnes for a new weapon."
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Postby Vin Decatur » Sun Jun 03, 2012 4:44 pm

Excellent! Keep it up!

That will teach that Slasher!

"You've just taken down the Slasher and bent you glaive....now it's Miller time."
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Slasher Story

Postby Luvs Harmony » Tue Jun 05, 2012 2:49 pm

That was incredible! I waited until I could devote enough time to read Part 1 and 2 again, so I could read them all in a row. Lucky for my husband, he was here to hear it all! We both loved your story. We are big fans of the canine persuasion and especially loved that part of the story. Thanks for sharing it with us!
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