The Kindness of Stranger Overseers

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The Kindness of Stranger Overseers

Postby Vin Decatur » Wed Jul 04, 2012 1:44 pm

We looked around at each other and decided six people was too few to take on Cora.
Cora is awfully nice, handing out all them fancy death robes just for visiting her.
Being the toughful and considerate people we are,
we decided to wait and share her bounty when more PAS were around to enjoy the benefit.

We discussed going finger-painting, which is fun.
We decided that it is hard to find people in Fel
so we could hold them down and paint their fingers.

Chalnoth told us of the sad situation that the Exodus Overseers have to live with.
It seems that some evil seeds have enslaved the Exodus Overseers.
Those poor Exodus Overseers are forced to wander around killing random people,
instead of their normal wandering around and killing random people.
Such a sad tale.
There were no dry eyes amongst us.

Of course we volunteered to save the Exodus Overseers....
by killing them
and taking the seeds.

We ran over the Exodus's house and ran inside.
Right off to bat, those sneaky seeds set a trap and killed Joyce outside the house.
We scared off the seed's slaves and got her stuff.
She did get a pretty death robe for that!
I could tell she was pleased.

We set about freeing things and they set about passing out death robes as thanks.
The scary thing was that Clanoth and I were the only rezerreaerecting people there (at first anyhow).
Which was kind of unnerving when I was given a pretty death robe.
That could have been bad if he had been collecting one at the same time.
Sadly for Chalnoth, I don't think they enjoyed his company as much as they did mine.
I got me four pretty, shiny, new death robes and I don't think they gave him any.
Don't feel bad Chalnoth.
WE like you even if they don't.
I'll share some of my death robes with you anytime you want.
It's just too bad that everyone can't be as popular as I am.
It's tough being in the limelight, but somebody's gotta do it.

Just keep in mind....
I'm always happy to collect them death robes for ya.

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