Part 3 Respite in New Magincia: A new journey begins

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Part 3 Respite in New Magincia: A new journey begins

Postby BadgirlXalan » Sat Aug 18, 2012 8:02 pm

heres the last part of this in between story. hope ya like it :P

"Xalan! Slow down! You know I can't fly that fast!" Little Niela'ras cried, her small wings struggling to keep her aloft.
"We have to hurry, We are too close to Holy City." Xalan responded "If the guards see us they will have us executed. Let me carry you."
"No! I can keep up, I just need a rest." Niela'ras whined
"Fine, but only a moment." Xalan sighed.
"Let's hide here, but be on watch for void demons. Hopefully the guard won't come this close to the edge." He said as he led her into a isolated clearing near a cliff overlooking the Void.
"Xalan?" Niela'ras asked as she pulled a candied fish steak from her pack.
"Yes?" He responded
"Where are we going?" She asked with her mouth full of food.
"I'm not sure," He replied "Somewhere the Queen's guard cannot find us."
"Why are they so mean? I said I was sorry!" She pouted
"It's not that simple Niela." He said as he pulled a small bottle of wine from his pack. "They blame what happened to the Queen's daughter on us."
"I just wanted to help!" She cried "I would have been fine if you wouldn't have tried to help me!"
"It does not matter," Xalan stated knowing the truth "Regardless, I left my post and saved your life. If I would have been there at the end, I may have been able to stop her from being locked in that state. And for that, we have been banished."
"I didn't need your help!" Niela'ras shouted as she got up and began to run away. Her path was quickly cut off by a large creature. It stood twenty feet tall, made of bone and a glistening black color.
"Usagralem Ballem," Xalan whispered as he pulled a small Aud char instrument from his back.
"Stay behind me." He said as he stepped between the demon and Niela'ras. He began playing a harsh driving tune upon the instrument, causing the great creature to stagger and reel back.
"When the passage is clear, we will run through." He yelled over his shoulder as he increased the intensity of his playing
The creature grabbed it's head and thrashed about in circles, leaving a small timed opening for escape.
"And.... NOW!" Xalan yelled as he led her through the passage. As they passed under the great creature it stopped and screamed to the sky as it reached down and grabbed Niela'ras.
"Kal Vas Flam!" Xalan screamed as he turned back. Flame engulfed the creature as it crashed towards the cliff's edge. As the creature reeled, Niela'ras pulled a small Cyclone weapon and stabbed one of its sharpened edges into the creature's hand. The beast roared as it fell back over the cliff. Niela'ras struggled free and began attempting to fly up to the ledge.
"Xalan! I... I can't do it!" She cried as Xalan dove over the cliff for her. She wrapped her arms around him as he hovered down to her. Tears streamed down her face.
"It's alright," He assured her "I won't let anything hurt you."
As he began ascending to the cliff's edge, a large mechanical claw shot out of the void and clutched Xalan's leg.

Niela'ras shot up out of bed drenched in sweat. The sounds of the roaring soulforge and bickering could be heard as she walked over to a small water basin beside the rail of the home's rooftop guestroom.
"Bad dream?" Mysterion asked as he watched over the rail at Jade and Carnes.
"Nothing you should be concerned with." Niela'ras replied as she splashed water upon her face. "Why are you standing there?"
"I just like watching Jade work, shes.. amazing." He whispered.
Niela'ras turned to watch as Jade and Carnes worked and argued on the proper magic to use.
"Perhaps its time you spoke to Carnes about her." Niela'ras spoke.
"I plan to, when we get back." Mysterion responded.
"We?" Niela'ras asked. "You plan to actually use that armor instead of having it repaired all the time?"
Mysterion smirked. "Who knows, there might be something worth taking from Exodus' lair."

"Quit tellin me how to do it!" Jade snapped as Carnes watched over her shoulder.
"Fine fine! I'll just work on the tunic then. Where did all the relic fragments go?" Carnes asked
"Uhm, I think you used them in your experiments last week?" Jade replied.
"Oh, right. Did I? Curses, I need more to finish this last piece." Carnes stated as he began removing his jewelry.
"What are you doing?" Jade asked.
"We need relic fragments and I have not the time to search the markets." Carnes replied as he clutched the jewelry in his hand
and drove it into the heart of the soulforge's fire. He pulled his hand out and opened it to reveal a dozen small shimmering fragments.
"Let's finish and get some rest." Carnes spoke as he began the final adjustments on the suit.

The sun crept over the ocean horizon as Niela'ras approached the soulforge. There sat Jade slumped over a counter using a pile of leather as a pillow. Mysterion laid in cat form curled up beside her.
"Ahem!" Carnes stated as he entered the room. "Shall we get started?" He reached into a nearby chest and pulled out a parcel.
"Here is a stock of battle supplies. Be sure to dispatch it as needed to the other forces." He stated as he handed the bundle to Mysterion.
"And here, Niela'ras, is a new set of armor." Carnes turned and pulled out a package. "This armor contains new magics which allow you to draw health from damage that is done to the armor. It has increases to stamina and your regeneration rates. It should prove quit formidable."
"As long as it does not hinder my movements I'm sure it will be fine." Niela'ras replied
"I'm sure if Jade made it, it will fit perfectly." Mysterion stated as Jade blushed.
"Yes, yes it will fit fine." Carnes spoke as he turned to Mysterion. "Let us discuss the use of these new far-speaking communication crystals while Niela'ras gets armed."
"Niela, Here." Said Jade as she pulled a shimmering Cyclone weapon from her dress. "I made you this."
The weapon was a deep purple signifying electric properties, with fine designs engraved showing its power to leech essence from its targets.
"This looks amazing Jade, Thank you." Niela'ras stated as she tucked the weapon away. "Did Carnes make this?"
"Naw, I did it all myself. He's not the only one who can run a soulforge you know!" Jade replied with a smirk.
"I see, well lets see how this suit fits." Niela'ras said as she entered a small fitting room. She emerged moments later clad in fine red leather. "It feels amazing."
"It looks great! I was worried the red would look odd, but you pull it off!" Jade gushed.
"Yes, it looks quite impressive." Carnes spoke as he and Mysterion entered the room. "Let's test it, shall we?"
With that Carnes pulled a large purple gem from his pack and crushed it in his palm. Suddenly a large rock appeared and shot towards Niela'ras. As it hit her it shattered into dust. Niela'ras brushed herself off as she felt a surge of energy throughout her body.
"A little more warning wouldn't have hurt!" Jade yelled as she slapped Carnes' arm.
"Well, how do you feel?" Carnes asked
"Fine, the armor seemed to absorb the damage." Niela'ras responded.
"Excellent," Carnes spoke. "The time has come, you must travel to the gargoyle city of Ver Lor Reg and meet with the rest of the forces. You will have to take the longer route since the Compassion moongate passage has collapsed."
"I've traveled the route a few times, shouldn't be a problem." Mysterion stated.
"Do you have to go Mystie?" Jade asked as tears welled up in her eyes. "Niela and Badgirl should be more than enough to stop Exodus."
Mysterion took Jade's hand as he knelt on one knee. "I must help my sister, but I assure you, I will return to you."
Carnes shot a look of disapproval as Mysterion kissed her hand.
"If you have any problems at all, use the far-speaker and let me know." Carnes said sternly "And remember Niela'ras."
"Yes?" She replied
"Bela'driel is in charge of this operation," He stated "Leave your personal differences aside and follow her orders."
Niela'ras grinned "If she gives the right orders, it will not be a problem."
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Part 3

Postby Luvs Harmony » Tue Aug 21, 2012 1:51 pm

Bravo! You really had me going with that dream. When Xalan's leg got grabbed??? Basically, I'm totally sucked into this story. I"m rooting for Mysterion and Jade to get the approval of Carnes so they can be together. Mostly though, I can't wait to inspect Niela'ras armor. I remember when she laid her last set out at the PAS role. I grabbed it up quick. I was so excited to get it that I simply forgot to inspect her to see what her new armor looked like. I love everything about your stories. Can't wait to read more!
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Postby BadgirlXalan » Tue Aug 21, 2012 4:20 pm

Thanks luvs! Im enjoying writing them. I gotta try to write alil faster to catchup with current events. Im going to try to power through writing the tale of fighting Exodus and get into the next in between story.
The next story should have some surprises and some cameo appearances from PAS characters :p
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