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Maddwg Reports to the King

PostPosted: Sat Sep 01, 2012 5:52 pm
by Maddwg
State of the Kingdom
September 1, 2012

Your Majesty,
Lords and Ladies,
Loyal Citizens,

The rebellion continues. Yet another month of little change in the status of the rebellion. The rebellion has settled into arresting pyro-happy rioters. I have heard that raiders appear from time to time, but I haven't seen any since June.

August arrests were:
Britain 198
Minoc 179
New Magenica 110
Skara Brae 124
Trinsic 139
Yew 170

I don't think arresting the rioters is having any affect other than making us weary of arresting rioters. Since we began making arrests, Dos Equis alone has made over 5000 arrests. 5000! I doubt this is any kind of record. I'm certain others made more arrests and just aren't aware of it.
I'm not certain what point the rioters are trying to make.

As stated many times; the reasons the rioters give for causing trouble has been debunked. The reason are simply untruthful. What possible outcome do the rioters see? They make no demands, they simply start fires. Perhaps, the riots are simply some grand insurance scam.

Methinks, perchance there is still some THING or person behind this calamity. I still know not what this thing is. I fear we have yet to reach the nexus of the crisis.

In the future, we will be spending less time dealing with the rioters as there is no affect from this. We will spend more time seeking that which is causing our citizens to act as they have these past several months.

You servant,
Seeker of the Nexus

PostPosted: Mon Oct 01, 2012 1:47 pm
by Maddwg
September Report to the King.

During September, the agents reportimng directly to me arrested just under 200 rioters. As I mentioned last month, arresting rioters seems to have no effect upon the rebellion.

We chased won and slew two Crimson Dragons posing as leaders in some of our cities (I have so pics I'll try and pot later).
A few weeks ago we slew Exodus.
No effect.

I'm just riding the storm to see what falls everyone else.

Now, the POWERS THAT BE, have decided to press upon us a new king. Rumors name Blackthorne.
Not many years ago the Sonoma shard displayed its anger at the rulership from our past. Do the PTB not know our history, or not care?
Is Blackthorne really an improvement?

Do we care?

War Weary,