Exodus Redoux - part 1

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Exodus Redoux - part 1

Postby BadgirlXalan » Sat Sep 15, 2012 7:31 pm

Near New Magincia Moongate

Niela'ras and Mysterion stopped as they entered the moongate's clearing.
"Alright," Niela'ras spoke "Let's head to the Honor gate. We will have to come around the volcano in Ilshenar to reach Ver Lor Reg."
"Sounds good," Mysterion responded "Ladies first."
Niela'ras scowled at Mysterion as she approached the moongate and focused on her destination. As she entered, the gate crackled and flashed in an unusual fashion.

#I have returned to you, to finish my work#

Niela'ras collapsed to the ground outside of Honor Moongate. The gate flickered and crackled oddly as Mysterion soon rolled forth out if it.
"Are you alright?" Mysterion spoke, short of breath.
"I....I heard him." Niela'ras stammered as she rose to her feet. "Exodus...he spoke to me while in the gate."
"What did he say to you?" replied Mysterion.
Niela'ras hesitated. "He said he has returned to finish his work."
"Well, whatever his 'work' is, I'm sure its something evil" Mysterion stated as he picked up his pack of supplies. "Lets hurry and meet the others."
Niela'ras nodded solemnly as she took flight. "Can you keep up without a mount?"
Mysterion smirked as he bowed his head. A thick mist surrounded him as his body changed.
The mist cleared as he stepped forth in the form of a Ki'rin.
"How's this for a mount?" He quipped.

With haste they made their way through the volcanic northern passage towards Ver Lor Reg. Mysterion slowed as he passed an abandoned mining camp.
"Something must be up," He stated "This area is normally full of Exodus' abandoned minions."
"Agreed," Niela'ras shouted over her shoulder "I'm sure they all withdrew to the Temple to prepare for his return."
The black volcanic ground soon gave way to sandy terrain as the pair emerged upon the entrance to the great Gargish city. A large encampment stood at the base of the cities marble steps. As they approached they were stopped by a man in a white robe and bright blue kasa.
"Hold!" the man cried "This area is not safe Tamer, you should take your ki'rin and return to the moongate."
"Ha!" Mysterion laughed as he returned to his elvish form. "Chalnoth you must be mad if you think I could ever be tamed."
"Ah, Mysterion. My mistake. I take it Carnes received our message, and who is this with you?" Chalnoth responded
"Chalnoth, this is Niela'ras. She has come to aid in the fight." Mysterion replied "Niela'ras, this is Chalnoth, Leader of the People's Army."
"Pleasure to meet you. We will need all the firepower we can muster for this fight." Chalnoth spoke as he led them into the camp. "First and foremost I will introduce you to the Healers division."
"No need." Niela'ras spoke up. "I can heal myself. I fight alone, I survive alone."
"Wow, sounds lonely" A young woman stated as she emerged from the Healers tent, A large Cu sidhe following her warily.
"Mysterion, Niela'ras, this is Luvs." Chalnoth spoke "Her compassion makes her one of the greatest healers in the realm."
"Well," Luvs blushed "I don't know about 'one of the best' but I do know a thing or two about restoration. If you do end up needing healing, I'll be right there to help."
"Much appreciated Luvs." Mysterion replied "Chalnoth, I need to speak with my sister, can you direct me to her?"
"Sure thing," Chalnoth replied "Let's make our way to the General's tent."

A large brown scaled dragon lay sleeping beside a large crimson tent. Niela'ras broke from the group and walked right up to the slumbering beast and began to climb upon its back.
"What are you doing!?" Chalnoth questioned in a whisper.
"Relax." Niela'ras replied as she sat herself down between the dragon's wings.
"Wake up Stone!" She shouted as she dug her talons into the dragons side. Stone's head quickly rose as he let out a tremendous roar.
Niela'ras held tightly to Stone's wings as he stood and looked around for whoever woke him. Niela'ras quickly stood and ran up the dragon's neck, jumping off when she reached his head. As she landed she turned to face Stone. "What kind of guardian are you? Sleeping on the job like that." Niela'ras said jokingly
Stone's eyes lit up as he recognized her and he bent his head down to her. She raised her hand and gently scratched under his chin. "Where's your master?" She asked.
"What is all the noise out here?!" A tall gargoyle in a reflective black robe shouted as he emerged from the tent.
"Everything is fine," Niela'ras replied calmly "I was just saying hello to Stone."
"Well, well, well, if it isn't lil Niela. Have you come to watch us defeat Exodus?" Xalan said smugly
"You mean watch as Stone fights and you cower behind him playing a horrid tune on your lute?" Niela'ras shot back.
"It's an Aud Char, not a lute, and if it weren't for my 'horrid tune' you slow witted warriors wouldn't be able to even scratch Exodus." Xalan explained calmly.
The two stood silently for a moment before Xalan put his hand on her shoulder. "I've missed you."
Niela'ras blushed.
"Wow," Mysterion interjected "I never knew gargoyles could blush."
Niela'ras scowled at Mysterion as Xalan chuckled.
"Comical as ever, eh Mysterion." Xalan stated as he walked towards the young elf. "How is Jade? She still baking those intoxicating pies?"
"Of course," Mysterion replied as he reached into his pack "She packed plenty for the battle. These are new, she used Lava fish from the abyss to give it a real bite."
"Excellent! I'm sure Bela will enjoy them, she loves spicy food." Xalan stated
"Where is the General anyways?" Chalnoth asked "We must discuss the plan of attack."
"She's conducting an impromptu combat drill with the new recruits." Xalan answered "Follow me."

The group proceeded beyond the eastern edge of the camp to find a young elven woman standing before a group of soldiers. The woman stood dressed in black plate armor with a strange pearl finish. The soldiers stood trembling as the woman spoke.
"Where did you find these kids, New Haven?" Mysterion asked as they watched the lecture.
"The turmoil in the cities has left us short on soldiers," Xalan explained. "We had to arm whoever we could."
"They have no skill whatsoever," Niela'ras spoke sternly "Without skill they are just lambs to a slaughter."
"They have heart," Bela'driel interrupted, turning from her combat lecture "And that is enough to stand up to true evil."
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Exodus Redoux - part 1

Postby Luvs Harmony » Sat Sep 15, 2012 7:59 pm

I love it!!! And not just because I have a role. Although I must admit, my face got really hot and I got chills all over and I can't wipe the grin off my face! I cannot stress enough how great I think your writing is. From the start when she heard his voice, I was sucked in! I can't wait to find out how the battle goes. Will there be reinforcements? Or will Luvs heal her heart out trying to keep them little lambs alive?
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Postby Chalnoth Tholl » Mon Sep 17, 2012 12:32 am

Awesome..."Hmmm where did I put that darn blue Casa anyway?"
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