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Postby Gargamesh » Mon Jun 17, 2013 1:03 am

Based on the original formula, which I am 99% sure is still true, it is important to note that if you DO NOT have any fighting skill (Actual weapon skill, Mage weapon and Magery, Wrestling, or Eval + Anatomy), then DCI doesn't help you at all.

Following the math of the original formula, if both attacker and defender have 120 fighting skill, then the base chance to be hit is 50%. However, if the defender has no fighting skill, then the base chance to be hit goes up to 350%. With 45% DCI, it’s still 241%. The devs stated somewhere that there is always a 2% chance to miss regardless of the math, but as you can see, 45% DCI makes no difference if you don't have a valid fighting skill on your character.

A couple additional points here as well:

In PvP, if your enemy is using a Mage weapon to get a valid fighting skill, then disarming that weapon will leave them defenseless versus melee/archery/throwing for the time the weapon remains disarmed, since they have no real skill. This means a 98% chance to hit that character with these attacks for a short time.

Also, if you plan on doing PvP, and you don’t have some form of valid fighting skill, you’re going to be at a serious disadvantage vs. melee and ranged attackers because they will hit you pretty much every time.

At one point I used a Mage weapon for PvP, but the chance of being disarmed is pretty good if your opponent is a melee class and know what they are doing, so I have switched to the Eval + Anatomy method.
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Postby Khan OSG » Tue Jun 18, 2013 12:10 am

It's pretty evident that you're in trouble against a dexxer if you have no weapon skill or mage weapon. Mathematically, 120 skill against 50 skill or less will hit 100% of the time, even with 45% DCI. And you should always assume a dexxer will have 120 skill and 45% DCI. Publish 81 capped the final chance to hit at 95%, and it introduced a minimum chance to hit of 5%, but you'll still go down quickly when hit an average of 19 out of 20 times.

I always considered repeat disarm to be the ultimate noob tactic, mainly because in older days I had a one-man war against KBK, who could only spam disarm and still couldn't gank me 3v1. But I don't object to doing what it takes against the likes of SOS and Waka.

Now note that with Publish 81:

• Disarm, now applies a 10 second disarm immunity timer when performed using weapons. Wrestling moves are not subject to the immunity timer.

I haven't tested this myself and am unclear what this means.
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