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PvM Mage Template/Strategy

Postby Moridin » Mon Nov 30, 2009 11:35 am

OK So I'm half past pathetic (Being away 4 years will do that!).

Moridin right now has:

120 Magery
105 Eval Int
110 Meditation
100 Focus
75-ish Resist Spells
100 Inscription

I was using Necromancy/Spirit Speak but I moved that to my Sampire as I just wasn't using it on my Mage. I could move 100 Alchemy over from my crafter, don't know if that will be useful for the mage or not, or what are your suggestions? This toon's only use for PvP would be defense in a fel champ spawn, otherwise he is PvM only pretty much.

Also any suggestions on what modern mage tactics are good are welcome. I'm rusty. :)
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Postby Atta Kquast » Mon Nov 30, 2009 1:09 pm

Personal opinion of course, it is always a hard question to answer, but for mage temps you have to make sure you meld skill with the baseline item checklist of 100% LRC, 40% LMC, DCI 45+% (70 DCI recommended), FC2/FCR6, MR6+.... no compromises here, even for PvM. Also, without question you need as much stat as possible, 255 ideal. Anything less, and you are less. In fact modern suits, cover all that plus bonus to stat especially mana/hp. Also my opinion is only after you tick off all above do you have crutch skill points on items (even imbued). Kiss theory and all. :shock:

As for skills that you want run 95% PvM, I would say this template is good all-purpose and fairly obvious choice.

120 Eval Int <-- dont compromise
120 Magery
120 Resist Spells <-- a must combo with Parry
120 Meditation
120 Parry
120 Wrestle

Only downside is you need to ensure you have 80+ dex (not stamina) to make 100% use of Parry. I wouldnt compromise on that either if possible, but know that with dex pots, a 120 eval Bless, you can make up some ground. It can still function average if you let it fall under 80, but I wouldnt let it. Remember if you get Curse/Mass Cursed, you stats get nailed which can cause dex to be much less effective, hence the 120 Resist Spells. On Atta, when blessed/suited is 130/92/140 (no pots), and if memory serves is Curse-proof to fall below 80 dex. Been a while since I played him tho.

Of course dropping Wrestle/Parry (the usual combo), means carrying a -0 Spell Channelling weapon to leverage your 120 Magery as defense skill. This allows you to swap in other skills.

Consider this one as major defense support (top quality greater heals, gift of renewals, bless your friends) and offense contributor at the end:

120 Eval Int <-- dont compromise
120 Magery
120 Meditation
120 Spellweaving <-- 100% WoD, strongest GoR (5 min)
120 Resist Spells
100 Inscription <-- Bonus for SDI = WoD damage %
20 Focus <-- +1 MR

Options to consider:
107 Magery <-- 100% Success Lvl 7 (Flamestrikes)/90% EV's?
114 Spellweaving <-- 95% Success WoD
20 Focus <-- 1 MR, 2 MR at 40, 3 MR at 60
100 Necro/100 SSpeak <-- Wraith Form + WoD, never run out of mana (consider Necro Arms for skill crutch here, plus add in Crystalline Ring for full effect).
70 DCI <-- if you are hit for HLD, its -25 DCI for 8 seconds, and if you are hit again, it refreshes. Best thing is to negate it 100% with 70% DCI.

Lots of modifications, just dont compromize on Item Props, Stats & Mage Basics (imo).

good luck.
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