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Postby LoL/Myst » Sun Feb 28, 2010 7:47 pm

Ok guys, below is a list of my 7 char's skills. These chars were mostly built around AOS so I know some need updating or are useless. I need help identifying which ones though and what skills to drop. =) I got SA today, so any of these chars could be made Garg if it makes sense and I can train any of the new skills.

The first three chars are my mains and the ones with the most work in them. I think I have these three is a pretty good place. Skills with ( ) indicate something i expect to drop when i hit cap. (L) indicates a locked skill. I have 3 or 4 skill stone in case I need to trade skills.

1) Archer/Mage (7 skills)
73 Anatomy, 93 Archery, 101 Eval, 100 Fish, 103 Mage, 110 Med (L), 89 tactics

2) Fencer/Pally (7 skills)
100 Anatomy, 93 chiv, 110 Fence (L), 100 Focus (L), 99 Heal, 99 Parry, 100 Tact (L)

3) Crafter (8 skills)
85 Alch, 65 Arms lore, 101 Smith, 100 Carp (L), 100 Mining, 104 Tailor, 89 Tink, (42.8 Chiv)

4) Thief/Mage (8 skills) Should i drop heal? What should I pick up?
87 Eval, 82 Mage, 94 Hide, 100 Med, 84 Steal, 65 Stealth, (52 heal), (47 Wrestle)

5) Tamer/Mage/Debuff (8 skills)
93 Animal Lore, 80 Taming, 46 Discord, 100 Focus, 72 Magery, 86 Music, 39 Peace, (66 Provoke)

6) Sword/Samurai/Pally (9 skills) I have no idea with this guy :D
80 Anatomy, 77 Bushido, 57 Chiv, 98 Focus, 75 Heal, 90 Lumber, 67 Parry, 83 Sword, 40 Tactics

7) T-hunter/Mage/Bard (8 skills)
86 Cartography, 52 Inscription, 100 Lockpicking, 75 Mage, 89 Med, 86 Music, 87 Peace, 53 Provoke

Thanks to anyone with any advice.
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Postby KDSonoma » Sun Feb 28, 2010 7:54 pm

dischord is the single most powerful skill in the game for pvm in my opinion.

Once PAS saw my dischord tamer about 10 yrs ago, most tamers added dischord to their template. I bet we have 25-30 tamers in PAS and alliance with 120 dischord.

So definitely dont lose that on your tamer.

And as a hard core dischorder, I would drop med on your t hunter and get dischord. You wont need magery for offense as no eval makes u do almost no damage to the big stuff, and thats what t hunters fight. Provoke helps a ton because u can make monsters fight themselves. but when you are left with one monster at a time, dischord + evs can whittle them down much faster than medding to get much. You might look for some mana regen armor to help offset the med skill if it takes too long to regen mana.

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Postby LoL/Myst » Sun Feb 28, 2010 10:19 pm

Thanks for the advice on the tamer and Thunter. I'll definitely work my dischord on the tamer and I have no reason not to grab it on my Thunter as well. =)
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Postby LoL/Myst » Thu Mar 04, 2010 5:15 pm

So it seems like my Archer/mage is a bit of an underpowered/outdated template. From what I've read and seen, Chiv is very important to archery now.

Should I move my fishing to another char to pick up Chiv? If so, is it worth still having all the Magery skills on this char?
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Postby shaft » Wed Mar 24, 2010 7:58 pm

ok so 1st off ur swords samurai pally is a strong templet with gm lumberjack you get a bonus to Axes witch are in the swords catagory if u legendary the skills for 6) id go with 120anat,120bushido,120heal,100lumberjack,120swords,120tact,20chiv
this would be a good strong pvp/pvm templet

4) theif/mage drop the healing and pick up ninjtzu cause at 50ninjitzu you can use smoke bombs to hide. and also drop the wreastling

5)tame/mage/debuff drop the peace and focus and provok and get that music and discord way up there also may want to put on 80 vet to heal and rez pet.

7)t-huner/mage/bard drop inscription and raise provoke and music

1)archer/mage drop the fish,mage,med and put on healing bushido and chivalry and sum resist spells

2)fencer/pally drop the focus and put on resist or bushido

also if u have enough stones keep the high skills 100+ or transfer them to a more need character.

well hope this was helpfull (:
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Postby LoL/Myst » Mon Mar 29, 2010 9:37 am

Thanks for the advice Shaft. I've done a little of this and am working on getting the skills switched to the other chars. Think I'm going to pickup another soulstone to store skills (as I only have the one atm) which should help in swapping.

They'd make my life a lot easier if they would add a travel spell to all the caster skills =)
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Postby Sonya » Thu Oct 25, 2012 12:02 pm

When you are deciding on a template to pick you need to think somewhat more limited. 8 or 9 skills that are usable on a template is, in my opinion, unreealistic. the lack of available skill points will limit utility of the toon. the key points to remember are:

1. what will the character be doing?? (support, spell casting, melee, pvp, champ spawns??)

2. what are the main skills needed to fit this role??

3. what "support skills" will be needed to make the character more effective??

I prefer to try and keep it simple. but these questions will be enough to get you started and will lead to more questions as you progress in the chars developement. this will include equipment as you go too.

I only tend to focus on 3 to 5 skills that i will try to take to maximum intensity (or nearly so). plus 2 to 4 skills in support of the main skills.

there are certain skills that will tend to be more utility than most (ie magery on tamers and bards & chivalry on melee chars).

that being said the basic templates that uo puts out are sadly lacking. they lack the inclusion of basic skills needed for survival (healing, chivalry, magery, what have you). that being said i prefer the simple approach, please keep in mind that these are not complete templates. rather just base templates. the full templates will depend on what the players wish to use them for.

warrior/ melee

120 weapon skill
120 tact
90-110 chiv


120 mage
120 eval
120 med


120 taming
120 lore
120 vet

bard (probably the most limited because of the number of barding skills)

120 music
120 provo
120 discord
120 peace

now mind you that main skills can also be used to flesh out these templates as well (weapon skills on a bard or tamer or something like that). the main thing that you want to keep in mind is the utility of the character and how much you will want to use it (i got into a red phase a long time ago and havent used him since!!). the only template that i have found that skills in limiting intensities works is on the sampire with the 65 chiv (just to travel) and the 91 parry (plussed up with jewels), and the 99 necro (vamp embrace). but still those will count as support skills insteead of main skills in any event.

I am usually on in the evenings (after 5 est) if you need any help. I have a HUGE book that i use to help me as my knowledge base. it gets difficult but that is why i write it all down. LOL
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