Need some advice...

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Need some advice...

Postby Damien Kilcannon » Fri Nov 04, 2011 10:26 pm

Ok I am going to make a fisherman...What type of template would you all recommend with the new fishing content. I used to just throw fishing onto my archer when I wanted to fish but do not like to always switch skills...and also since the new expansion has alot to do now i would like to have a char that is just a fisherman...

As for his suit I heard alot of people are getting the new fisherman's suit from the cleanup rewards so i spent my points and got me one tonight...any advice on how I should have it imbued would be greatly appreciated...
Damien Kilcannon
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Postby Warden » Sat Nov 05, 2011 2:19 pm

Ok, so my fishing skill is only 63 and it's been on a stone for a year. So, you know, I'm talking out of my butt here. That said...

You obviously want something with a ranged attack for fishing, since you so often can't reach your attacker. That means archery, throwing, or some kind of magic caster.

Archery is nice because it auto-attacks even if you lose connection. Since you would be a human or elf, you could also ride a pack beetle which is almost ubiquitous among fishers. There are a variety of weapons/arties and special moves to choose from (though pretty much everybody still uses the same couple kinds of bows.) If you are human you can carry an extra 60 stones, and fish are heavy. Downsides are you don't have all of the handy abilities high magery gives you, like gating and invising, and bows are two-handed weapons which means no potions. You can imbue balance on bows so you can use potions, but it is a very heavy mod which limits how much other good stuff you can put on.

Throwing also auto-attacks, and all throwing weapons are one-handed so there's no issue with potions. While the weapon/arty selection is more limited, you have all you really need, and it is usually a little easier to make a good suit for gargoyles than for humans/elves. But as a gargoyle you can't ride a beetle, and don't get the extra 60 stones carrying capacity. You can have a bonded beetle with you, of course, and you can't ride while sailing or fishing anyway, so maybe this is no big deal. Same limitations about not having magery apply here too. Also, with archery or throwing you can try to make hybrid builds that include magery, but then setting up your stats and suit gets interesting since you need reasonably high mana AND dex.

Magic casters have the most flexibility, especially with magery, as there are so many different things you can do. The self-rez you get with spellweaving might alone be attractive enough to go this route. You can also be any race. Downside is no auto-attack, and you usually die faster than a melee character, though this can be mostly mitigated with the right suit (mage weapon with 45 total DCI on the suit.) Summons can also be a little tricky on a ship, plus a beetle takes up 3 of your 5 pet control slots, which can limit your summoning. And the power scrolls for magery/mysticism are the most expensive out there (except for fishing!)

Though I said hybrid builds are tricky, I do know people who use them quite successfully. Taming and hiding are just two potentially useful additions.

How to imbue your suit depends on the template you decide on. Figure that out and the imbuing becomes fairly simple: cram in as many mods as you can for that type of combat. :-D I'd be happy to help with imbuing the suit, of course.
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