need advice on my mage

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need advice on my mage

Postby Rydell » Sat Feb 18, 2012 8:17 pm

I have returned after a long rest and need advice as to what is best to do with my mage his skills are

magery 100
eval. int. 100
med. 100
wrestling 100
spell res. 89
music 100
provoke 83

not sure of all the new skills so not sure what to do next thanks for any input in this
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Postby Tracy » Sat Feb 18, 2012 8:45 pm

If you could get your hands on some good +skill gear with some mana regen on it you could keep the 7 different skills, but you'd need to drop a little meditation to make it work (depending on what your gear looks like).

Aside from that, with a 120 cap in most skills now with the advent of power scrolls, you may want to rework it. The base magery skills, mage/med/eval/resist/wrestle you'll want to keep, and you'll have to find a different 6th skill, probably one to increase damage, survivability, or give you more versatility.

For survivability the primary option used to be parry, but they've changed the game so that for every point below 80 your dex is, that's 1 point of effectiveness you lose on parry, so if you have 120 parry and only 60 dex, your effective parry skill is 100.

I suggest damage/versatility. Spellweaving is a good standalone skill, as it gives you the ability to resurrect yourself ahead of time (keep gift of life up on yourself all the time), and word of death can hit bosses at low health for upwards of 500 damage with a level 6 arcane focus.

If you're more traditional like myself and don't really get into the new stuff as quickly, you might try inscription for your 6th skill, as GM inscription gives you an additional 10% spell damage increase on all your spells at all times in addition to any you have on your gear, and it also gives you the ability to make your own stuff (some of the craftables are really nice, like the scrapper's compendium).

Another option you could choose is poisoning, but that's more of a pvp-type template and you'd have to get a decent weapon and trade out wrestling for fencing or swordsmanship, and finding a weapon for a template like that is really hard (has to be spell channeling no penalty, have high hit chance increase, and has to have poisoning as one of it's primary or secondary abilities, like a kryss for example). But casting an explosion/ebolt on a dexxer, then having him run in on you only to get hit with level 6 lethal poison, is a pretty powerful combo. That was what I had on my red character.

If you want to go with 7 skills and go with a slightly different direction, necro/spirit speak are a really good combo. Spirit speak is to necromancy as eval is to magery, it directly affects damage. Magery and Necromancy affect your ability to successfully cast. So for that you'd have 120 eval and spirit speak, and maybe 105 magery and 90 necro to have a 100% chance to cast the spells you use most frequently. You'd probably sacrifice a bit of resist or meditation (or a little of both) to make it work, along with the +skill gear I mentioned earlier. The problem with these type of templates is if you lose the gear, the character is worthless.

There are other options I'm not as familiar with in terms of benefits because I've never used them, but some people make bushido mages for example...and since I've never looked at bushido, I have no clue what it does for you. Maybe someone else will reply to that.

But my current mage with a 700 cap on a new account will have a template of:

120 mage
120 med
120 resist
120 eval
120 wrestling
100 inscription

as my account ages, or if I get some really nice gear with +skill on it, I may amend the template to incorporate some focus (but always in increments of 20, 20 focus = 2 stam regen and 1 passive mana regen).

Hope that helps.

Basically, you have options, just need to go with what sounds interesting and figure out how to make it work.
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It Depends

Postby Sonya » Thu Oct 25, 2012 10:01 am

It really depends on what you wish to do with it...... that being said for a champ spawn character (yes I actually have a toon dedicated to that!!) I recommend the Necro/mage template:

Magery 120
eval int 120
med 120
spirit speak 120
necro 110
poison 90.1 (this will enable you to cast DP poison fields if you have 200 points in both mare and poison and allow you to resist poison better than resist spells will)
the additional skill points left over should either go into resist spells or focus but that's entirely up to you.

the suit that you should have should be:

all 70's in each resist (if you are an elf you will have 75 in energy too)
100 Lower Reg cost
40 Lower Mana Cost
as much mana bonus as you can (my suit is like 35 or 40 extra mana)
2/6 casting
and as much spell damage increase as you can get

my stats are

100 str (i have 105 hp)
20 dex (I have 20 stam)
135 int ( i have 175 mana. if you are an elf you will get the mana bonus from that)

Necro/mages are actually one of the most versitile templates in play now aside from the Sampire (that's a whole other story). My main is a Necro/mage and have found that there is 2 spawns that i can solo (baracoon and semidar) and it is very effective against all of the others (i have some difficulty with oaks though). that being said I have found that it is a great all around utility template to have also. A full set of super slayer books will have you set up perfectly. I normally do about 95 damage to baracoon with him corpseskinned. when he is discorded i will do between 110 and 150 on a flamestrike and 40-70 on a fireball. they are also excellent support characters doing any events that come up.

the only downside that I have found is in doing either Lord Oaks (the lack of karma will have you either in a constant dirt nap or running for your life) and in doom. I still haven't gotten a Doom arty on this template (or any other for that matter)
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