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Stealth Question

Postby Huma » Wed Aug 07, 2013 12:43 pm

I can't find this answer online and I hope someone can enlighten me.

Back when I used to play I had a stealth build that was 50 hiding/ 80 stealth. Then I think you had to have a minimum of 50 hiding to use stealth I know its 30 now. Since I was a mage I could just cast invisibility instead of relying on my hiding skill and with about 80 stealth I could stealth from there on as long as I wanted. I can't find any solid information on if this will still work. I don't want to spend the extra skill points in hiding if I don't have to but I am not sure if the game does a hiding and a stealth check when I run out of steps or if it is just based off my stealth score.

I know I can gain in hiding while stealthing I just don't know if I have to have a high hiding if I am using the invisibility spell.
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Postby KDSonoma » Wed Aug 07, 2013 6:33 pm

KD is a stealth mage and I've not had any problems stealthing after using a smoke bomb, or casting invis on myself. I just need to be invisible to start stealthing.

I don't play as often as I want to, but I would be very surprised if that has changed ingame.

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