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May NewsLetter

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Recent Events
Greetings Everyone,

I would this to address a few recent issues that have happened in game.

The first issue I would like to address are ethereal items such as cloaks, robes and staffs that are showing up at this time. Please do not buy these items! They will be reverted to a normal hue on sight.

The second Issue I want to address is the influx of glacial and void cloth in the game. Due to a tragic lapse in judgement where an Event Moderator felt like they needed to cheat to get ahead I have removed illegal cloth, dye tubs and many sets of armor from the game. As far as the ownership of glacial and/or void items, all glacial and void clothing items will be deleted. If you have cloth that you are selling for yourself or others remove it from the vendors immediately. The Event Moderator program has been going strong nearly 8 years now, and we have all worked hard to ensure its success. Please know that this situation has not been taken lightly, nor is this behavior tolerated. As we move past this situation we will work harder then ever to deliver exciting in game events via the Event Moderator program.

The third issue is all the rares removed from Clops’ houses. They will not be displayed like a trophy. I am not going to encourage or put this type of behavior on a pedestal.

Finally I want to address the houses that are under investigation at this time. All items will be removed from said houses, you will not be able to place a house on these spots, however, we will put a raffle stone there so you may sign up for a random give away. You can only sign up once per account and trial accounts are not eligible. After a week of signups the house will be turned over to the winner. I expect the raffle to begin after Publish 98 goes World Wide later this summer.

See you in Britannia,

Bonnie "Mesanna" Armstrong
Developing Publish 98
As we mentioned last month, we are busy working on Publish 98 which includes a 20th Anniversary Arc, 20th Anniversary rewards, and our Halloween events!

The 20th anniversary rewards include new collectibles, a new gift that is sure to go out with a bang, and some old favorites!

The 20th Anniversary Arc is currently slated to start later this summer before concluding in September. We are actively developing the arc to mark this major milestone in Ultima Online's history and are excited to let loose the powers of evil on Britannia once again! Keep an eye on for new fiction to lead us into these exciting times!

Halloween is sure to be frightful this year as we tell the tumultuous tale of the Pumpkin King! In the meantime, we hope you continue to enjoy the new pets and animal training abilities. Look for a new Ultima Store item coming in June to help train those rare colored pets!
Question & Answer Corner

1. Are you aware of the issue with Baraccoon and Medusa changing the hue of pets?

We are aware of this potential issue but have yet to been able to reproduce internally, if this occurs please send a bug report with the following information

1) What shard, what champion spawn?
2) Did they log out at any time before they noted the hue changes?
3) Did they note the change during the encounter or after the encounter?
4) Did they actually finish the encounter? Were they present when Baraccoon died?
5) Did they note the change at the champion spawn or did they go somewhere else?
6) If they did go somewhere else, where did they go (specific locations would be helpful)?
7) Did they mount the Cu Sidhe while it was in rat-man form?
8 ) Did they have any other effects in place (gift of life, any taming masteries, etc.)?
9) Anything else that might have been unusual that occurred prior to the encounter or immediately following the encounter?

2. When will the issue with Auction Safes be fixed?

We are aware of the issue and this will be corrected in the near future.

3 . Can't you just add a comma to the trade window for currency value?

Sorry not at this time, number formatting is not a supported feature and we would need to add it on the backend. We'll add it to our backlog for a future publish.

4. Do you plan on nerfing the Phoenix?

We will be adjusting the old Phoenix to match the new Phoenix body as well as adjusting the base damage. We will also be looking at pet speed in a future publish.

5. Can Physical/Cold melee necro pets have corpse skin taken off their spell list?

We will gather more feedback and make a decision on that in the future.

6. Can the grizzled mare get animal trained?

Why yes, it can we will make the change in the future.

7. What factors into the calculation of pet slots? I have a pre taming patch rune beetle that was bumped from 3 slots to 4 slots without undergoing any training at all. It did have maxed out skills (all gm, poisoning at 125+, eval at 111+) though and I believe that skills are somehow part of the pet slot calculation. This would also explain why sometimes certain pets skip a training slot and go from 3 to 5 for example - could it be that during the training the pet gained so much skillpoints that it's slot requirement was bumped up?

Pet slot calculation is based on all pet attributes including stats, skill caps, and resists.
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