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Sonoma Knights

Postby KDSonoma » Sun Jun 01, 2014 7:20 pm

I found this on my computer today:

"Posted by KingDavid of Sonoma on January 10, 1999 at 15:07:39:

Well, its time to flame KingDavid for doing something to recognize other players, so here's the scoop:

As most of you will recall, I started this process a little over a month ago by asking for nominations from citizens for those players deserving of Sonoma Knighthood. These players were to be the ones that have devoted a great deal of time, effort, creativity, etc. towards helping others in Sonoma. They may be brave warriors that struggle to protect the meek, or it may be players that simply are always there to help others when they need it.

After receiving nominations, I compiled a list, and interviewed Sonoma citizens regarding these nominees. I described what it was I was looking for, and asked them to tell me about each of the nominees.
This was a massive effort, and I will say that there are more players that deserve Sonoma Knighthood than just these chosen today. I will again consider another round of nominees in about a month, and will follow a similar process in determining if there are additional Sonoma Knights that are deemed worthy.

But for now, the list (in no order other than the order that they were listed when I compiled the nominations list) of Sonoma Knights:

Kender, Chanur Silverian, Ariana, Grunk, Gothmog, King Marek, Danzig, Heather Rose, Danik, Blackstaff, and Krosis.

These 11 players are in my opinion deserving of Sonoma Knighthood, and a ceremony will be held at Nujelm Palace, at 8pm cst, Saturday, January 23, 1999. At that time, I will Knight each of these fine citizens, and thereafter they will be recognized as Sir or Lady Knights, in accordance with past Sonoma practice.

I would ask all good citizens to come and congratulate these worthy Knights, and celebrate their accomplishments. A banquet will be held at Nujelm Palace immediately after the ceremony."

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