The (partial) history of PAS

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The (partial) history of PAS

Postby KDSonoma » Sat Apr 02, 2011 10:52 am

Brief Summary of PAS history in Sonoma:

First Year of Sonoma (1998):

KD founds PAS by placing PAS hq1 (a large smithy) in a small valley west of Chaos shrine in April 1998.

PAS becomes a charter and founding member of the Sonoma Alliance (SA) in May 1998. This alliance was formed so good guilds could cooperate together to help other players, and to “Fight evil, in whatever form that may take”. SA started with 8 guilds, and peaked a year later with 24 guilds in it, including 9 of the top 10 guilds in size in Sonoma.

The first SA Council meeting was held at the YMCA in Yew, and this helped in a small way to get the YMCA to be “blessed” by the gms soon thereafter.

SAS (Saints against Sinners) were one of the biggest evils of the land, and mortal enemies of PAS.

SA guilds formed the first of Sonomas shard wars, where multiple guilds fought on opposite sides.

PAS hits 50 members, and continues to grow, hitting the top 5 in guild size by year end.

The Insane Army of Sonoma (IAS) was born, as an alt stone for evil rping PAS. The first IAS-PAS fights in PAS Valley at hq1 begin.

Second Year of Sonoma (1999):

PAS and SA field 75 players to battle the evil UO gms in the Battle of Trinsic. Sonoma was the first shard to defeat the UO gms of Trinsic, thanks to unprecedented cooperation among Sonoma players. The Battle of Trinsic had the largest ingame battle ever witnessed. 75 good players ran smack into 20 red players patrolling Trinsic. In a short battle, no blues died, 7 red died, and the rest recalled away. The lag was incredible.

PAS fought in a shard war with 9 other guilds (PAS plus 3 guilds vs. 5 other guilds).

PAS-IAS fights now get more popular, and more common, as more PAS add IAS alts to that stone.

SAS were still around, causing problems at any public event in Sonoma, targeting the YMCA and other “public” facilities.

PAS becomes the #1 guild in Sonoma in size of vets. While a very misleading stat, since most guilds allowed their members to add multiple chars for each player to their stone, inflating their numbers, PAS limited our members to one char in PAS, and other chars went to the alt stones that we began to use more frequently. We were forced to spread out our characters among multiple guild stones due to a bug in Sonoma guild stones. Once we had 175 characters on the stone, the system chose a random gm for the guild. We ended up bringing everyone to the guild stone and kept adding members until someone present was the gm. Then that person deleted 8-10 characters from the stone, until it randomly chose another gm. We had to repeat this process for 45 minutes until we had control back on the stone. Ems said they were aware of the issue but did not have a fix yet. So we created several other guilds for our alt characters (for example, our crafters all went to PAC (PAS Crafters). The guild stone bug only went away when guild stones were removed from the game with a new guild system that did not require a placement of an actual guild stone ingame to access options).

PAS joined the “evil” side of the Followers of Armageddon (FOA) scenario that UO ran. The scenario had the FOA as a group of traitors that Lord British wanted dead. Of course, as Lord British was the traitor to KD and the people of Sonoma (in the KD story), it made perfect sense to join that side. Our logic was maybe LB feared that the armageddon spell that the FOA were working on might counteract his spell over the people of Sonoma that made them forget who KD and PAS were.

PAS was in two battles in the FOA scenario, and both times FOA “won” the event. This caused some panic on the part of the UO gms, as that side was not supposed to win. KD was summoned to discuss negotiating having PAS drop from the FOA side, as we were seen as “ruining the balance”. Soon thereafter the scenario ended in Sonoma.

UO Renaissance was launched, adding trammel as a second facet option to felluca. There was much rejoicing from good players, and much whining and crying from pks. Their easy targets (miners and lumberjacks) immediately moved to the red-free facet.

SA begins a dormant stage soon after tram was born, as most good players left fel and went to tram to live their UO days.

PAS members go to other shards with various themes like “bob invasion” where we all created chars named Bob, and went to a place in fel to charge road taxes for other players. It was all for fun, and it was amazing to see 30 Bobs jump one player, who was able to kill a Bob every second with one blow.

Third Year of Sonoma (2000)

UO launches the Third Dawn, adding Papua and Delucia and the Lost lands to UO as another facet option.

PAS does the first Auburn Quest, where we rp that PAS seeks out pieces of an old manuscript that purportedly predicted the future of Sonoma. PAS wanted to find the portion that told what Lord British did to make everyone forget about PAS and KD, with hopes of finding an antidote to the spell.

PAS participates in another shard war, this time against Arcadian First and their allies.

The SA officially goes dormant, as the need for protecting good players in fel no longer exists, as most good players left fel for tram.

The Red Monkey Horde (RMH) is born. This alt PAS stone is for red noob archers that tame gorillas, and go find players to fight in fel. The group can only loot hats and bananas, and never tries to hurt people that don’t really want to fight (miners etc). it’s a fun rping evil group that gives good guys a fun target to play against. And since the RMH was always in stat loss, they could never be very good archers, so they did very little real damage.

PAS peaks with 130 members, and the guild goes to 3 events per night for most of the year. While it allowed many more types of events to be done per week, it wore out a lot of PAS, so PAS scaled back to one event per night by year end. PAS had expanded so fast that we had 90 recruits and 130 members at one time, and it became impossible to monitor the recruits. So 9 recruits were added to the PAS stone, the rest were booted and PAS implemented a recruit stone (PAR) for the first time.

IAS goes dormant for a period of time, as PAS members find other events to take part in for pvp.

PAS forms the Cross Shard Alliance (CSA) with 7 other guilds on various shards.

PAS hosts the first cross shard pirate event, where our CSA allies came from other shards (primarily Nappa) to roleplay as pirates at Bucs Den (20 cross shard players in all). PAS provides their newly created pirate named characters with cutlasses, skullcaps, and other pirate style clothing, as well as gm made purple potions. PAS also provided the pirates with 3 chests, full of gold. The roleplay is the pirates went to Buc’s Den to bury their treasure, and ran into 20 red characters there. A fight ensued, and tons of purple potions flew in all directions. The pirates were able to kill several red characters (much to their dismay), before the reds finished off the pirates and ran off with their gold. Everyone had a blast.
UO adds power hour to the game, where players gain skills fastest during that hour.

Fourth Year of Sonoma (2001):

The Temple of Mondain (ToM), friends of KD, come to Sonoma from Great Lakes, and provide the enemy forces against PAS in a series of rp battles ingame.

PAS adds a potion cabin at Occlo fel, filled with kegs. PAS members can be friended there and refill their potions for free.

RMH is disbanded.

UO tweaks power hour for players (which is soon removed with a new skill gain formula).

PAS adds Dungeon Protectors (DP) to the Enemies of the People list. DP “rpd” that they owned the dungeons, which was creative and positive, until they began using tactics like luring creatures to kill others (a bannable offense in tram, and certainly a very unethical practice).

PAS does the first of its Gold Caravan series, where we loaded defenseless packies with 200k gold each week, advertised where in fel we would start and end, and our route, and time, etc, and then we would try to get the packies safely to the destination.

PAS participates in the last shard war held in Sonoma, with Golgotha on the evil side.

ToM moves to Siege.

PAS first adds Thraximus Zog to the Enemies of the People list. This player has scammed so many others in Sonoma that it was time for PAS to step up and provide some justice for those players he scammed. Thraximus never amounted to more than a very small nuisance, but PAS took every opportunity to kill him ingame whenever he showed himself in public.

PAS does another series of Gold Caravans as the year came to a close.

Fifth Year of Sonoma (2002):

PAS does the last of its Gold Caravans.

PAS begins awarding Medals for each of the virtues, each named after a retired PAS Elder that exhibited those traits ingame in past years.

Arcturus of PAS opens his vendor house for other PAS vendors, the first time PAS has a house designated just for vendors.

PAS adds Karena as the Territorial Marshall for fel, appointed by KD, and she in turn appoints several Sonoma Rangers, each with the ability to swear in deputies to help them fight reds in fel.

PAS Rangers begin anti pk patrols in fel.

KD steps down as PAS gm on the fifth anniversary of PAS, to play the game more with his PAS characters. PAS chooses Grey Wolf as the next gm for PAS.

Sixth Year of Sonoma (2003):

UO adds Champ Spawns to fel dungeons for the first time, and power scrolls are born that can now take players to max skills above 100 for the first time.

Grey Wolf steps down as PAS gm, and PAS chooses Almond Joy to be the third ever PAS gm.
Moonglow is invaded.

UO launches Age of Shadows, and paladins and necromancers are born, along with Malas, a new facet. Doom gauntlet provides a “champ spawn in a can” that players can trigger on their own at any time.

KD and Mountain Dew stay up for 6 hours during the horrible lag of the land rush to place houses in the new lands of Malas. They are able to place 8 of the largets houses, and over the next week, those are transferred to PAS players that were never able to login due to the lag of the land rush.
The Sonoma Rangers ends its rp.

PAS Bagball is born, as players can create custom houses now. It’s the first ever indoor Bagball Arena, and doubles as the PAS vendor house in Malas.

UO adds minor artifacts to Ilshenar, and paragon creatures. New items and colored chests are added as well.

PAS adds a vendor rune library to Bagball, so players can recall to 130 vendors from one location. The vendors are sorted by quality, making shopping easier.

Bubbles and Slim mark runes for all treasure map spots in tram, and PAS adds it to the house next to Bagball, and makes it available to all players.

Carmen finishes work on a rune library for PAS, but then leaves UO, donating the rune library to KD. It is placed at the house next to bagball, which now acts as the PAS potion house, tmap rune library, and rune library.

Seventh Year of Sonoma (2004):

UO launches Samurai Empire, bringing Ninjas and Samurais, and new creatures, along with a new facet, Tokuna Islands.

PAS Ninja stone is born (PAN).
Paragon creatures are added to Ilshenar by UO. All monsters can now spawn as paragon versions with much higher stats and skills, and they potentially drop chests with the name of the creature on them, becoming a mini-collectible item for some players.

UO adds 7th anniversary items and a sixth char slot for UO.

PAS makes many ventures to Tokuna to explore the Champ Spawn there and the other creatures.

AJ steps down as the PAS gm, and KD returns to lead the guild as the gm.

UO invades Britain fel and tram with monster spawns in quantities never seen before, soon overrunning both towns.

UO adds minor artifacts to Tokuna for two months, “never to spawn again." (note that they did return to spawn again in a future publish)

Eighth Year of Sonoma (2005):

UO launches Mondain's Legacy, which brings Elves to UO.

Features of Mondain's Legacy:

New Race: Elves, with Racial Abilities added for both races.
New Quest System - Hundreds of quests
New Community Collections - Turn in items for new rewards.
Crafting: Ingredients for Recipes to craft dozens of new items.
New Skill: Spellweaving
New City: Heartwood
New Special Moves: Bladeweave, Force Arrow, Lightning Arrow, Psychic Attack, Serpent Arrow, Force of Nature
New Dungeons: Bedlam, Blighted Grove, Labyrinth, Painted Caves, Palace of Paroxysmus, Prism of Light, and The Citadel
Peerless Bosses: Extremely tough monsters giving valuable loot
Housing: New Elven House Tile Sets, 20% Increased Storage, Aquariums, and Parrots

PAS adds dungeon romps to the new dungeons to the event calendar. The goal in the dungeons is to bring about the Peerless Bosses at the end of each trip.
UO adds an invasion of Britain, which becomes one of the most difficult invasions to fight. In the end, PAS led Sonoma to the following number of defeats of the invading hordes (each shard is listed, PAS participated in every one of the 25 wins that Sonoma was credited with):
Napa Valley 26
Sonoma 25
Chesapeake 24
Lake Superior 20
Great Lakes 20
Atlantic 19
Pacific 12
Catskills 11
Baja 10

Ninth year of Sonoma (2006)

PAS begins running public auctions. The 2% fee of the winning bids goes to PAS and helps us pass along more gold and items to PAS members during our events.
PAS loses Mastica, who passes away in RL.
A small group of unhappy PAS leave the guild and form a new guild, MOFO (My Own Friends Online). In retrospect, this was a very good split for PAS. We don’t want players to feel they need to stay in PAS if they are unhappy. PAS was not a good fit for these folks, and unhappy players in a guild tend to look for ways to create more and more problems (drama). We stayed on decent terms with a few of MOFO, but most we never heard from again. MOFO’s numbers faded away over the next 1-2 years.
The best side effect to losing some PAS to the new MOFO guild was the loss of their leader, Aramus. PAS had just proven that Aramus was stealing the elite drops from peerless hunts (he was typically chosen to loot the corpse for PAS), and was about to confront him about the thefts. Fortunately, Aramus left and took some folks with him to form MOFO. A few months later, Aramus sold the MOFO Luna house account, loaded with most of their loot from doing champ spawns and peerless events. We never saw Aramus again ingame.
Updated list of PAS-KVP stone alliance guilds includes PAS, KVP, KMG, THB, PAC.

Tenth year of Sonoma (2007)

A small group of unhappy PAS leave the guild and form a new guild, SM (Sonoma Mafia). This also ended up being a very good split for PAS, similar to the earlier MOFO split. We stayed on decent terms with a few SM, but never saw the rest again. SM’s numbers faded away over the next 1-2 years.
ArS and {DT} added to PAS-KVP stone alliance.
Mother Lode event allows players to gain skills faster (.2 to .5 per gain rather than .1) when they were near blackrock in the Lost Lands.
UO announces that the 3d client will no longer be available, to be replaced by the Enhanced Client. The Classis client will remain an option for UO players.
Destruction of Old Haven and creation of New Haven occurs ingame.
PAS Museum opens, with a large number of unique items from the history of UO on Sonoma.
UO sends invading monsters into Magincia. PAS sends troops to battle the invaders on a regular basis.
UO launches Kingdom Reborn.

New Interface.

Everything about the interface has been rebuilt and redesigned to make UO easier to play. Fewer clicks and actions to get things done are a high priority for the development team.
Players will have a new page in a Paperdoll which allows them to view all item properties affecting their character.
Clothing and armor will be separate pages on the paperdoll.
Containers will work with lists and slots to make organization easier. A classic interface option is being considered for implementation also.
Hot bars will replace loose spell and skill icons. Drop in the actions you want to preform. Up to 5 hot bars are currently allowed. Potions can be added to the hot bar.
Skinning the client may be possible, but is not definite.
Targeting is described to be a "whirly 3D effect".
A loot all button for corpses was mentioned as a possibility.
Speech text will now be activated by pressing the Enter key first.
Revamped housing placement and design tool

Eleventh year of Sonoma (2008)

PAS sets up an account with, where PAS members can enter the guild account code, and PAS will get 5% of the money spent at This credit allows PAS to purchase even more gold and special items to use for guild events.
Spring Cleaning 2008 takes place, where players can turn in items for points that are then used to purchase some new items ingame.
Scrolls of transcendence added to fel champ spawns (giving immediate skill gains for using the scroll).

Twelfth year of Sonoma (2009)

FOXX is added to PAS-KVP stone alliance.
KD steps down as the PAS gm and Tarie is the new gm for PAS.
Treasures of Tokuno is reactivated ingame.
Warriors of Destiny event leads to the invasion and destruction of the town of Magincia.
UO adds the Enhanced Client for UO.

UO launches Stygian Abyss

New Skills
Imbuing - A new crafting skill that allows players to manage the properties added on a crafted weapon or armor piece. This will also include the ability to harvest magical properties from existing items.
Mysticism - A Gargoyle form of spellcasting complete with its own set of spells.
Throwing - A new ranged weapon skill utilizing throwing weapons and consumes no ammunition. Can only be learned by Gargoyles.

New Features
Basket weaving - A new sub-skill that allows tinkers to create colored baskets.
Staining - A new system that allows gardeners, cooks, and alchemists to turn player-grown plants into special dyes.
Custom Carpets - Complete a quest to gain access to a carpet vendor.
Battle Chicken Breeding - Raise the perfect chicken and send them into battle.
Snake Charming - Using specially made instruments, command serpents to do your bidding.
Pet Resurrection Changes - NPCs can now raise dead pets for a fee.
Stabling Slots - 2 additional stabling slots for every character on an upgraded account.
Scroll Binder - Combine power, stat and transcendence scrolls into more powerful ones.
Gargoyle Architecture - Nine new housing tile sets showing off the style of Gargoyles.

New Areas
Ter Mur - The Gargoyle homeland. Players will be able to place Houses in this area.
Stygian Abyss Dungeon - The largest and most intricate added to date. Based off the one seen in Ultima Underworld, the entrance is found on Fire Island on both facets. Creatures found inside include the Medusa, Primeval Lich and the Stygian Dragon. There will also be non-consensual PVP combat areas inside the abyss.
Underworld - The staircase to Stygian Abyss Dungeon is found here. A quest must be completed in this area of goblins and undead to pass into Stygian Abyss Dungeon

Thirteenth year of Sonoma (2010)

KD does the first “Who wants to be a millionaire? 1.0” in June 2010. PAS members list items that are on vendors on Atlantic they want, up to a cost of one million gold, and PAS buys them and returns to Sonoma to give them the items.
KD does “Who wants to be a millionaire? 2.0” in December 2010, and decides to make this an annual Christmas event for PAS.
UO randomizes treasure chest locations and adds new loot.
Scrolls of alacrity are added to treasure chests. These grant a 15 minute period where each skill gain gives the player from .2 to .5 gain, rather than the normal .1 gain (like the old blackrock ingame event).
Bard mastery systems introduced.
UO launches high Seas expansion

New Ships
A new class of ship, the Galleon, which comes in three varieties:
Orcish Galleon - 3 cannons per side
Gargish Galleon - 3 cannons per side
Tokuno Galleon - 2 cannons per side, faster speed than other ships
Britannian Ship - 4 cannons per side, 2x 1 tile house add-on placements, slowest boat out of all

Boss Encounters
Corgul the Soulbinder
Scalis Enforcer

Also added was the Pirate bounty quest system, and major changes to fishing.
PAS loses Ariel Joy, RL wife of Tarie, as she passes away in RL.

Tarie steps down and Chalnoth becomes the gm for PAS.

Fourteenth year of Sonoma (2011)

KD does “Who wants to be a millionaire? 3.0”
Magincia housing lottery takes place for the limited slots for housing in New Magincia. 4 PAS are fortunate to win those lotteries and place houses in new Magincia.
PAS loses Mystique/Sky, as she passes away in RL.
Spring cleaning 2011 returns to stay as a continuing opportunity to trade in items for new items ingame.
Gothic and rustic theme packs are added to UO.
Chalnoth hosts the first PAS Super Bowl Super Roll party, held throughout the Super Bowl game. It includes trivia questions related to pro football, among other activities. This event quickly becomes a favorite for PAS members each year.

Fifteenth year of Sonoma (2012)

Chalnoth hosts Super Bowl Super Roll II.
KD does “Who wants to be a millionaire? 4.0”
UO makes changes to dungeons Covetous, Wrong, and Despise.

Sixteenth year of Sonoma (2013)

UO adds the ability for players to run for Mayor of several UO towns, and elections are held. Several PAS are elected as Mayors. PAS also helps several other friends of PAS members win elections on other shards.
King’s collection theme pack added to UO.
OSG is added to the PAS-KVP stone alliance.
KD does “Who wants to be a millionaire? 5.0”
Chalnoth hosts Super Bowl Super Roll III.

Seventeenth year of Sonoma (2014)

Chalnoth hosts Super Bowl Super Roll IV.
Chalnoth steps down as PAS gm, and KD returns as the PAS gm.
PAS loses Bael, who passes away in RL.
UO announces upcoming changes to the UI (user interface), and that they will work with Pinco on the new UI for the enhanced client.
EA announces that Broadsword has made an investment in UO, and will be taking the lead on UO now.
New PAS Sonoma Public Ventrilo Server opens July 2014 (free to any UO Sonoma players to use, with the hope of encouraging more participation in EM, PAS, and other Sonoma events).
Jax and others begin “Around the World” events where they used shard shields to take a character to many other shards, and back to Sonoma at the end (collecting items on the various shards that PAS members wanted to bring to Sonoma).

PAS opens a new Sonoma public Ventrilo server. The goal is to increase the enjoyment (by being able to talk to others while playing UO), and increasing participation in EM events, PAS shard events, and other events (since those events can limit communication when everything has to be typed ingame for players). PAS also encourages other Sonoma players to use the Ventrilo server.

PAS holds the 2014 Goober Olympics (10 silly events over 7 nights). Aidan won the gold medal and the title of Uber Goober for 2014, Malachai comes in second, and Ploy comes in third. Engraved pegasus statues were presented to the three medalists, and duplicate statues were placed in the PAS museum.

Eighteenth year of Sonoma (2015)

Nineteenth year of Sonoma (2016)

Twentieth year of Sonoma (2017)

Twenty first year of Sonoma (2018)

UO added "Endless Journey", where UO players could play the game for free, with a number of notable exceptions (such as no bank usage, no house placement). The hope is that new players would enjoy playing on "Endless Journey" accounts so much that they would upgrade to fully paid accounts.

After major changes to Doom Gauntlet, which made defeating the Dark Fathers there almost impossible, PAS takes down 4 dark fathers on a 50 minute event.

PAS gm history:
KD 1998-2002 (4 years)
Grey Wolf 2002-2003 (1 year)
Almond Joy 2003-2004 (1 year)
KD 2004-2009 (5 years)
Tarie 2009-2010 (1 year)
Chalnoth 2010-2014 (4 years)
KD 2014-2015
Chalnoth 2015-2017
Brig din Em 2017
KD 2017-present

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Postby Darkstar » Sat Apr 02, 2011 5:24 pm

I did enjoy reading about it, Thank you
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Postby Chalnoth Tholl » Sun Apr 03, 2011 12:43 pm

This is a Supe Thread. This would be an excellent place to capture the remaining remembrances of PAS. Please consider adding a year of info.
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Postby KDSonoma » Thu May 08, 2014 4:16 pm


I added some sections and a little detail about the changes each year for UO, and I added the changes we had in the gm for PAS over the years. I plan on editing that post more by adding much more info each year on the happenings with PAS.

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Postby Ciara » Thu May 08, 2014 7:12 pm

Thank you for the post. Great to remember all those years. I joined in the year Grey Wolf was GM, believe that would have been 2002.
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Postby Julion » Tue May 27, 2014 8:53 pm

AJ was gm when I joined.
second age was t2a 1998
Renaissance was tram 2000
third dawn was ish 2001
Lord Blackthorn's Revenge 2002
Age of Shadows 2003
Samurai Empire 2004
Mondain's Legacy 2005
Stygian Abyss 2009
High Seas 2010

I could not reminber it all, so I looked it up on wikipedia
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Postby KDSonoma » Wed May 28, 2014 7:24 am

thanks, Julion, I will make sure the dates match this.

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Postby Julion » Wed May 28, 2014 1:05 pm

First time I met u, KD.
Del not long after the expansion.
I was in one of those tree islands macroing my wife's toon Opfila (something like that)
Beating a drum. Just Like bigDaddy showed me.
U come running up asking if I wanted to join u guys. Pas had some kind of running fight going on.
Now from looking at ur post I can see that it was the IAS wars
Should of took u up on it. That would of saved my a lot of wife agro.

The guilds that I was in before PAS
BP, no kidding. I used to work with the GM in RL, he got me started in UO.
DBZ family guild.
GTH a really good bunch of guys. Mastica followed me into PAS from there. She was one of the best friends I've ever have.
GTH did not have the numbers to push a champ spawn with the numbers of reds we where facing.
I would go to the public spawns at the city of the dead. Basically take my chances against the pks.
There I met Noah and McDuff.
After speaking to them I went looking for AJ at the Moonglow event. (I think it was a lizardman invasion.).
She had more peeps with her than we had with The last tour of dungons that I went to with GTH. She said the turnout was 'normal'.
What a gifted lady.
The elders at the time exceeded me in skill. I never came close to beating Oneeyedjack. Ever.
There was no 'swagger' (GTH had very little, but BP had more than u could ever dream). I had found a place to relax.
The rest U know.
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Postby KDSonoma » Wed May 28, 2014 2:39 pm

wow, lots of good memories of those guilds and AJ and the old days on that one, Julion.

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Postby KDSonoma » Wed Jul 30, 2014 10:50 am


Added more information to the original post.

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Re: The (partial) history of PAS

Postby AlmondJoy » Fri Mar 27, 2015 9:17 am

ahhh Julian...

I was born in Tram, but i would not have met GTH at all if I did not move to fel to actually live
I do not think i would have ever connected the players like i did, if I had not fallen to their reds
If I had not been willing to walk down its paths naked if needed to show goodwill
To put my actions where my mouth was

I absolutely adored and cherish my time in service to Sonoma and PAS
even if sometimes it did feel like i was banging my head against a wall only barely detaining a wall of cats
The controlled chaos was.... awesome

Thanks KD as always for the care you put into things
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Re: The (partial) history of PAS

Postby KDSonoma » Fri Mar 27, 2015 10:47 pm

I reread this post every so often and it brings back great memories of ingame events, and mostly, the people.

Always great to see a post from you, AJ!

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Re: The (partial) history of PAS

Postby AlmondJoy » Fri Mar 27, 2015 11:44 pm

im trying to get the game to work, but either i gotta wait a bit or i did something wrong

i activated the trial one i did a few years back, but i just found the old account listend under mythic something, anyway it is linked now

so if i get things figured... and omg if the old account is still there... yeah :D
So close, no matter how far. Couldn't be much more from the heart. Forever, trust in who we are. And nothing else matters
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Re: The (partial) history of PAS

Postby KDSonoma » Tue Oct 31, 2017 9:09 am

anyone care to fill in some of the blanks for the recent years of UO?

Would be great if we could have someone fill in the recent years so we get the full picture.

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