Exodus Redoux - part 2

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Exodus Redoux - part 2

Postby BadgirlXalan » Mon Apr 29, 2013 9:20 pm

The fiery Ilshenar sun had sunk beyond the mountains as the gathered forces finished preparations and began taking rank.

"Where do ya want us sis?" Mysterion asked as he refilled his quiver.

"The foe we face today has had many years to formulate his revenge." Bela'driel stated bluntly as she rode to the front of the amassed soldiers.
"Stay within my sight, follow my orders and death should not find you."
He is not the only one waiting for this day. Niela'ras thought to herself as memories flashed through her mind.


"Xalan!? Where did you go?!" Young Niela'ras shouted into the blackness of the Void.

He is with me child, He needs you...

"What!? Where are you?! What have you done to him?!" She demanded.

I am keeping him alive, but he needs you...

"It's too dark, I can't see!" Niela'ras began to grow enraged.

You must hurry child, he will not hold on much longer...

Niela'ras clenched her talons as a blood red aura surrounded her.

"TELL ME WHERE HE IS!!" Niela'ras screamed as a surge of energy pulsed forth from her body, driving back the darkness. As she watched the void recede she soon noticed a dark stone path. Tears of rage still streaming down her cheeks she began charging down the path.

His life is in your hands young one, We need you...

A light soon came at the end of the path and the dark stone path gave way to smooth steel flooring. Niela'ras paused as her eyes adjusted to the eerie lighting of her new surroundings.

"WHERE IS HE!" Niela'ras commanded.

You will be with him soon enough child...

Suddenly a portion of the strange metallic wall dropped into the ground and three humanoids stepped forth. Thier skin was a dark blue and they wore crimson robes with strange white designs weaved into them.

"Come with us, beast." One of the strange men stated plainly.

"BEAST?! I'LL SHOW YOU, YOU WINGLESS DEMONS!" She screamed as she rushed the group. Just before she could tackle the largest of the group, she was hit with a paralyzing blast of magic from one of the smaller men.

"The Lord Exodus requires you alive, Do not resist your destiny." The largest of the men stated as he fixed shackles upon her wrists. "Now sleep."

Niela'ras blacked out as the Controllers caught her and began dragging her to their master.

"Niela, are you alright?" Xalans question snapped Niela'ras back to reality.

"I'm fine, just focusing on the upcoming battle." She responded. "How about you?"

"Terrified." Xalan spoke sternly. "I don't know how well you remember how we came to this realm through the void, or how we escaped. But..."

"I remember everything." Niela'ras interrupted "I remember waking in that cold steel prison. I remember the horrid abominations that walked the halls. Most of all I remember the blinding pain from thier experiments." A dim red aura manifested around her as she spoke.

"Calm yourself," Xalan stated as he grabbed her by the hand. Her anger left her leaving in its place a tingling rush. "You must not let your rage consume you, It may give you strength but it will take what it wants in return."

"Xalan, I... I just..." She stammered as emotion overcame her. "I won't let Exodus do to others what he did to us."
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Postby Luvs Harmony » Mon Apr 29, 2013 9:32 pm

Wow! that was awesome! It makes me want to go back and read the other's again. I got to thinking the battle had started and Niela'ras was caught in the void. I didn't realize it was a memory until she snapped out of it. I like how Xalan described the benefits of going beserk. "It may give you strength but it takes what it wants in return" *shutters*

Thanks for taking the time to share these stories with the guild. You are truly gifted in the art of story telling.
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Postby Chalnoth Tholl » Fri May 03, 2013 1:42 am

More...More :lol:
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