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Captive of Darkness

Postby kaylor » Mon Aug 19, 2013 10:10 pm

A sliver of moonlight edged its way through the bars infiltrating the ebon gloom. Kaylor lay enshrouded by midnight's oblivion in spite of the stealthing illumination. Humidity hung in the air as thick as the agonized cries that met with the echo of endless torment. A fine sheen of sweat swathed his chiseled frame, streaming in tiny rivulets over sculpted definition. Sleep was impossible. A deep sigh escaped lips dry and cracked by dehydration's ravage. Sitting up he raked a hand through his lice infested raven mane attempting to coax errant tendrils away from where they had fallen over his eyes. The stench of human waste invaded his nostrils as he lowered his feet to the straw strewn dirt floor.

Nausea clawed its way up the back of his throat, bilious upon the wake of plaguing starvation. How long had he been in this vile circumstance? Time was lost to a man damned - days became nights that transformed back to days in a ceaseless cycle that proceeded without clarity. Evil's presence a constant reminder of forsaken responsibility, he knew there would be hell to pay for falling into this capture.
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