Archery template

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Archery template

Postby Darkstar » Fri Oct 10, 2008 6:30 am

What's the best way to hook up my archer, this is what I have

Anatomy 103.5
Achery 115.6
Focus 115
Healing 102.9
Tactics 103
chiv 65.8
resisting 70.8
hiding 33.4

Str 123
Dex 85
Int 42

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Archery pointers

Postby Rockstarr » Fri Oct 10, 2008 7:51 am

Well on my templete (rockstarr)
this is what i run

anat 115
tact 110
archery 120
healing 100
chiv locked at 80
hiding 100
stealth 85

depending on you skill cap

at 120 archery you will see a huge difference as apose to 110-115

now mind you, I know your not a stealth archer but having these skills does help. they are one of the most usefull and powerful char as a team player. pvp or pvm.

I sugest thinking about taking bushido and parry At 100 Bushido, each step of Perfection grants a 10% damage increase to your normal attack, thus if you achieve Perfection, you are in fact receiving a 100% damage increase to your attacks (300% damage increase cap applies.

you would only need healing to 80 because you can use confedence to heal as a second way to heal. and the parry will help you block oppenents hit chance to you.

Also using the spell lighting strike, An attack with a 50% bonus to your chance to hit. Hit Chance Increase cap of 45% applies, however, if your hit with Hit Lower Attack by an opponent, the full 50% applies to his Hit Chance so you must be fast to strike first.

The most important of your templete is your of course, your suit max on lmc, mana regen and most of all hit chance defence chance if you can get it as well. even your bows should carry as a must, hit chance and swing speed and Dmi.
Jewlery is crutial i wear ring of vile for the hit chance, stam regen, and dex bonus, try to find a brac with dmi, hit chance, lmc some resist if you can find it.

as as far as resist its kinda a waisted skill thier is enough pots and trapped boxes to help you cure. and having 115 anat, and healing you can pretty much cure pretty fast. I hope some of these pointers will help you. i know in battle i am incredibly hard to kill. you will have others maybe disagree with this templete but everyones input is useful, im always looking to impove my templetes. The bottom line is what works best for you..

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Postby Ciara » Fri Oct 10, 2008 2:08 pm

Rockstar has great advice.

Ciara's template is a little different : 120 bushido, 120 archery, 100 anatomy, 100 healing, 80 chivalry, 80 resist, 100 tactics. I use damage increase, hit chance increase, lower mana cost and mana regeneration armor and jewelry.

My other archer, Midori, is a stealth archer. She isn't nearly as powerful in pvm as Ciara. She has 100 Ninjitsu, 120 archery, 100 hiding, 100 stealth, 100 tactics, 100 anatomy, 100 healing. Her main advantage is in pvp, being able to stealth about and watch for incoming enemies. Not having chivalry is a real disadvantage. Since we are doing less pvp, I might try switching the ninjitsu to chivalry.
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Postby Lord Drakelord » Fri Oct 10, 2008 6:30 pm

this is a few archers we have spread around our accounts

Drakelord II [he wears mana regen outfit, this is my favor one right now, and I hope to use him in Doom and other places more.]

Archery 99.2 99.2
Anatomy 95.3 95.3
Chivalry 90.0 76.0 +( 14.0)
Tactics 90.0 90.0
Hiding 79.3 79.3
Healing 78.7 78.7
Stealth 76.2 61.2 +( 15.0)
Ninjitsu 64.3 64.3

Str 110 110
Dex 71 65 (+6)
Int 81 81

Arwyn [prov, archer, something my daughter was playing with before passing that account to my wife]

Archery 108.0 108.0
Anatomy 100.0 100.0
Musicianship 100.0 100.0
Chivalry 88.1 63.1
Healing 84.6 84.6
Provocation 82.1 82.1
Tactics 75.6 75.6
Focus 73.9 73.9

Str 101 101
Dex 101 91 (+10)
Int 73 64 (+9)

Makayla [Something I was missing with before making Drakelord II, I used this Charactor in Doom a few time before Drakelord II's skills were high enough to do any damage down there.]

Archery 110.0 110.0
Anatomy 100.0 100.0
Focus 100.0 100.0
Healing 99.9 99.9
Magic Resistance 96.0 96.0
Chivalry 90.0 80.0
Tactics 90.0 90.0
Bushido 26.8 26.8

Str 125 124 (+1)
Dex 37 31 (+6)
Int 101 101

Vixen [My daughter's primary charactor from Lake Superior, brought over in 2004, I have used this charactor with a few PAS folks on a few weekday morning Fel spawns]

Archery 120.0 100.0
Magery 110.0 110.0
Meditation 101.4 101.4
Evaluating Intelligence 100.9 100.9
Tactics 97.5 83.5
Hiding 72.9 72.9
Spellweaving 68.8 68.8
Magic Resistance 19.1 54.1

Str 112 112
Dex 45 31 (+14)
Int 122 112 (+10)

This last one I guess you would say is an archer/mage.
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Postby Darkstar » Fri Oct 10, 2008 7:17 pm

Thanks Everyone :)
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